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The Fam
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Awkward and Freakin Awesome

I have had a really busy new year and have had many things happen that are way better than awesome so we are going to have a "freakin" Awesome catigory for this post.

Awesome: Taking my kids snow camping for the first time
Awkward: Getting the truck stuck in a ditch, having lots of rain, got lost, very little snow, not bringing a tent, making tarp shelters, cooking in the middle ot the road and getting soaking wet.
Feaking Awesome: Having the kids refer to this as the best camping trip ever.
You can see photos here, but you have to use a snapfish account to view them if you dont have a snapfish account you can open one fore free really easily.

Awesome: Getting to go sledding
Awkward: Rain turned snow to slush
Freaking Awesome: Scrapping the hill and getting pulled behind the suburban on ice covered logging roads instead.

Awesome: Letting the kids each invite a friend to go snow camping with us
Awkward: Having 1 more friend than seatbelt.
Freaking Awesome: Cramming the extra person into the vehicle along with all their gear and going anyway in one car.  It was cozy cozy cozy!

Awesome: Going to a new place to camp
Awkward: Getting lost and a 1.25 hour drive turning into a 3+ hour drive
Freaking Awesome: Happy kids that thought it was the funnest part of the day

Awesome: Getting to see my family at our annual Ensign Ranch Weekend
Awkward: Gas from eating to much
Freaking Awesome: My brother in Law Ken getting blamed for my Gas

Awesome: Rob and Julie teaching us how to play the card game golf
Awkward: Dedra trying to use old maid cards to play golf
Freaking Awesome: Playing it time and time again and after 9 rounds Rhonda had a score of zero (this is really good if you dont play the card golf).

That should do it for now.  Happy January and I hope you have some Freaking Awesome experiences.


  1. um...i believe the correct term is, 'go fish.' gold is the bomb dot com. that's right. i said it.

    ps, ken knew it was you. he's just too christ like to say anything. he's going to heaven.


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