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The Fam
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Friday, March 21, 2014

Awkward and Awesome

Awesome: Going to a Brazilin BBQ place and getting to eat all you want of 14 different cuts and types of meat  .
Awkward:  Having my kids roll me to the car.

Awesome: Writing a post in jest about how to get the church calling you want.
Awkward:  Having ward members come up to you at church and sincerely ask for pointers on how to get a calling I did not mention in my post.

Awesome: Ice Cream
Awkward:  Still being to full from dinner to eat anything and trying to figure out the best way to consume ice cream anyway.  I might have a problem that could warrant and intervention.

Awesome: I figured out my ice cream dilemma
Awkward:  It involved a blender and me drinking from a turkey baster.  I really need to consider that intervention.

Awesome:  We have been getting the whole family up at 6:00 in the morning to read scriptures for the past 4 weeks.
Awkward:  One of my children wants to know if we have learned enough and when they will be able to start sleeping in again.

Awesome: People have sent me requests where to mail their cats.
Awkward:  To find out the humane society wont drop ship cats to in state or out of state locations.
Really Awkward:  Trying to explain how some cats should be sent by ground and to make sure to cover the air holes.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Surprising the things people want to read about

In my last post I discussed how a person was removed from sacrament meeting by the police.  It was a once in a lifetime experience I honestly do not wish to go through again.  In the first 24 hours after I posted that entry there were over 500 unique visitors to my blog.  I am just a small time blogger and on a really good day I might have 40-50 people review a post.  So having 10 times that was kind of cool and a bit shocking.  Who are these people and where did they come from?  How in the world did they find my blog?  I have had 15 followers with no additions for over a year.    I speak to a few people in my ward and get notes from family about certain posts. I sometimes call the Bishopric and let them know I am going to make their life easier by telling people how to get callings.

But with a single day of almost %1000 more hits I am now wondering if I should start to seek world domination via the Internet.  It should not take long to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.  The only problems I see with this plan is I don't have that many great stories to publish or know how to write software.  I am now going to try something different and probably more realistic.  I would like to double the number of followers I have on my blog.  This is where you come in and help.  You need to sign up as a follower on my blog.  You will get the following benefits:

  1. By following my blog you will be able to have a photo of yourself at the bottom of my home page under the title "Stalkers."  This might be unnerving for a few of you but for most I have a feeling you will be right at home.
  2. When I do write a post that will give me world domination of the Internet I will be kind to those who new me before I hit it big.  This could mean you will get actually  a signed Christmas Cards instead of the mass produced ones I will have my minions make for me.
  3. I have changed the settings on my blog so you don't receive emails from me whenever I make a post.  I want followers but I don't want to spam them.  That seems kind of counter productive.
  4. My sister has 34 follower and it is a point of contention that she has more.  She has admitted my blog is better in every way but still does not understand why more people don't follow it. 
  5. I will give you candy.
  6. If you don't want candy I have a van down by the river with puppies in it you could see.
  7. My blog will tell you how to get super powers and use them for good or evil depending on your mood.  
  8. You will be in the know when people talk about my blog around the drinking fountain at church.  You will be able to say "I was one of the first 30 people who followed his blog.  I cant tell you the many ways his writing has changed my life...some of them even for the better."
  9. We have a special introductory offer if you sign up now you only have to pay 8% tithing for the rest of year!
  10. We will mail a free kitten to the person of your choice with every new follower.  If you like the person we will overnight the box and cut air holes in it.  If you don't like them we will skip the air holes and send it by ground.  
You have benefits before you all you need to do is Click to become one of the cool kids.  Come on everyone is doing it.  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The rest of the to get removed by the police from sacrement meeting

I have had several facebook requests explaining my last blog post.  So here it is.
About 6 years ago we were having a normal Fast Sunday with sacrament meeting getting ready to start.  I noticed a sister who was less than active and usually had some issue with somebody in the ward walk in.  She had not actually been in the church for about a year so this was a bit odd.  To be fair and without breaking confidences she and I had a really rough history. For example, she got arrested for beating her grandson (this is public record) and I visited her in jail and might have said she looked good in orange.  (Refer to yesterdays post item #10.) 
Back to Sacrament meeting. The first part of the service went as normal songs, prayers and passing of the sacrament.  I was conducting and right after I opened it up to testimonies and she rushed [more like power walked] to the front and was the first speaker.  She said something to the affect of I need to warn you about our bishopric; and then went on a 10 minute rampage of how we had done her wrong.  She covered everything from threatening us bodily harm to, being refused church welfare, me destroying her family and threatening to excommunicate her.   There was some obvious thought and premeditation in her actions and the timing was also not coincidental because she was moving to Portland later that week.  At some point of time she quit speaking to the congregation and started to speak to us by turning and looking at us but making sure to use the microphone.  She then closed in some fashion and power walked out of the chapel.  A couple of brothers followed her out.  (This is really the g-rated version of what happened.  Imagine the worst possible things you could say at this moment of time and you are pretty close to where she was.)
We all just sat there kind of dumb founded…this was not covered in any training the Stake had offered. There was no spirit in the room, people were crying, kids were asking parents what just happened…not a good place to be, at that specific moment in time.  I got up and said that we had just seen a great example of what we should never do sacrament meeting.  Some of the things she had said were true, however most of them were blatant falsehoods.  I then turned the time to my one counselor whom she did not attack personally.  He recommended that we start the meeting over with a new hymn and prayer, which we did. 
But, the fun did not stop there.  Once this sister was out in the foyer, she kept her tirade going.  One of the sisters with her children in the foyer was really upset and called the police.  During the 2nd opening prayer the RS President came and pulled me off of the stand and let me know what was going on.  I grabbed the brothers that followed her out and told them to keep tabs on this situation and asked them to help try to salvage as much of sacrament meeting as we could.  I was back on the stand when the police arrived.  This disruptive sister saw them pull up so she ran back into the chapel and tried to hide by sitting in the middle of the congregation.  The sheriff’s deputies very quietly came in and asked her to come with them.  The members in the foyer gave their report to an officer and he escorted her off of the property and said she could not come back without written permission. 
And now I have a story that tops every other Bishop when we get into the “you would not believe what happened in my ward last Sunday" mode of storytelling.  
Then to top things off, I mean the icing on the cake, she called me and wanted help moving later that week.  I personally did not go, but we did help her move out of the ward. 
Note to self:  Fast and testimony meeting is NOT open mic night...or is it?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Things I learned as Bishop

I posted this list on my blog several years ago and it came up in conversation recently.  I thought I would post it again several of these were reinforced in the past few months as scoutmaster.

  1. Young men consider throwing knives at each others feet and appropriate activity to pass the time.
  2. Some members consider "Book of Mormon stories" a racist song.
  3. You cant give sisters the priesthood even when they ask for it.
  4. Letting people know they are getting a new calling or released usually goes better if they know before it is announced sacrement meeting.
  5. It is always a good idea to have a plan B when the youth are in charge of cooking on a camp out.
  6. Girls camp different than boys.  When an small animal is found they run screaming away from it.  Boys run screaming towards it with clubs and knives drawn.
  7. When giving approval to the young men to build a fire, size, location and fuel all need to be specified.
  8. The most memorable combined activities involve the police showing up with guns drawn.
  9. Its better to confess your own transgressions than those of other ward members.
  10. When people are in your office crying, laughter is not always the best medicine.
  11. You know fast and testimony has gone horribly wrong when the police show up and remove people.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Why did they do that? Why did I do that?

I often sit back and watch people and wonder what were they thinking?  I also look at old photos of myself and say what was I thinking?  This applies to fashion, some of the people I dated, some of the things that I did...and lived through.  In the 13th section of the Doctrine and Covenants it says one of the blessings of the Aaronic Priesthood is the administering of angels.  The older I get the more I am convinced that these are guardian angels whose sole job is to keep teenage boys alive.  I do not know a single adult man that does not have a story where they should have been killed as a teenager.  I am not talking doing heroic types of things to save others.  Oh know I am talking doing really stupid things because in a teenage boys brain the laws of physics, good judgment and common sense simply don't exist.  There are entire websites and TV shows devoted to capturing these moments on film for posterity.  It is not my goal to encourage this behavior but I would like to give parents home that you are not alone.  All of the following examples are things that I was either a witness to, participated in or had a 2nd person verify they are true.

  • This one is a favorite.  One of my cousins who went to a predominantly Hispanic populated school (over 80% Mexican) on career day dressed up as a border patrol officer.  I was told he got called to the principles office and sent home.  It might have been because his brother was also dressed up as an illegal alien.

  • I was with a family member who was working in an apple orchard and this really low (a couple of hundred yards off the ground)  flying military transport plane flew over head on a training flight.  They had done this 6-7 times that morning and he got tired of it so he got out his 22 rifle and put 4-5 shots into the plane.  It immediately started to climb and it was not 20 minutes and there were police, military cars the works crawling all over that hill. 

  • While was on a camp out as a boy one of the older scout wanted to show me how pine pitch (sap) burned really well and was a great fire starter.  So he walked over to a tree and lit some of it on fire.  Of course it was on the tree, it sent the whole tree up in flames.  2 hours later we got the fire under control.

  • While on a scout outing as boy our Scoutmaster set up a zip line with a hand held pulley.  We climbed the hill side and spent hours sliding down this rope.  There was a small pine sapling that was in front of the large tree the rope was tide to at the bottom of the run.  We would hit this sapling every time we came down the rope.  One of the scouts got tired of it so he cut it down.  Our Scoutmaster said you should probably not do that.  The scout made some comment about killing a live tree and kept cutting.  He ran to the top of the zip line and came flying down and smacked hard into the tree the line was tied to.  Our scoutmaster chose that spot because the sapling acted like a brake.  As the scout laid on the ground hurt and bleeding the scoutmaster sat there drinking hot chocolate and said you probably should not have cut that tree down. 

  • When I was in the 5th grade we had a Saturday afternoon BBQ.  The food was done and I wanted to cook marshmallows.  However the fire was not hot enough so I took a gallon of gas and dumped a bunch on the hot coals.  It started to smoke heavily so I tossed in a match.  The fumes exploded and I got burned really bad.  My face started to blister and my parents called the ambulance.  I woke up  in the hospital a few hours later.  I was in face and chest bandages for weeks.  I also got to miss the last 6 weeks of school that year.

  • When I was a kid on my grandparents Dairy they had a bull that was so mean they bolted a metal plate to his horns to cover his eyes so he had to lift his head to see.  This prevented him from charging and made him safer to be around.  My uncle (with children) told us not to mess with the bull.  My uncle (with no children) showed us how to run up to the bull beat on the metal plate and run.  He was very clear that you don't run in a straight line you have to zigzag or all 2000 pounds of angry bull will tear you apart. 
These are just a few items that I am aware of there are many more that I will take to my grave and my children shall never hear of.  I don't want them trying to duplicate what I did.  I want them to come up with their own unique ways of doing stupid things.  It is really part of growing up. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The best way to campaign for a new church calling

There are 2 schools of thought when it comes to getting a new calling.

  1. I want released from my current calling because I don't like it.
  2. I want a specific calling because I like it and it is really easy for me. 

When I served as Bishop there was a sister that came to me about every 3-4 months and let me know that her calling was not working out for her.  We discussed it and it always came down to the same conversation.  She wanted this other calling that she had held for years previously that was easy for her and would require much less effort than she was currently having to put forth.  We discussed it and as a general rule she left the office with her original calling and a little bit disappointed.  She would then spend the next few months coming up with new and varied reasons why she should have the other calling. The funny thing about this was if she would have put the same effort into her calling that she spent trying to get out of it she would have been amazing.

I have thought about a multi staged approach to get the calling that you want.  In most cases a direct approach to the Bishop and state that you want to be X does not work.  However in there are a few cases where this is exactly what you should do for instance nursery leader, scouting anything or ward mission leader.  I often refer to these as run for cover callings.  They take a very specific person to do well and in most cases that person knows who they are.  Then there are callings that people want because there is not a lot of return and report involved.  Ward magazine rep, bulletin boards, ride coordinator, assistant to the assistant of anything these are jobs that are given in special or limited ability circumstances.  So trying to get one is usually pretty tough. 

Now if you want to be a Sunday school teacher or primary teacher they are much easier to get.  For a couple of reasons.  The first being there are lots of positions to fill and 2nd there is a high level of turnover.  Understanding the organization chart is key.  You don't go to the Bishop or his counselors and straight up ask.  You go to the primary president or Sunday school president and volunteer to be a substitute.  Then the next week you go to their counselors and do the same.  Then you go to the teachers in these organization and find the one that is gone a lot and volunteer to substitute for them.  This process should take about a month. You will get to sub a few times and your face becomes familiar to them in this position.

The next step you need to get the Bishopric involved but not directly.  It is a little known secret that Bishopric does not have any friends.  This is because everyone is either mad at them or afraid to talk to them because you might become the next nursery leader.  So invite one of them over for dinner or Family Home Evening.  Make sure you teach the lesson so they can see your amazing teaching skills and talk about how much you loved serving as a primary or Sunday school teacher.  Make sure to include a couple of inspirational stories from previous experience.

Now the stage is set for phase 3 you need to start slacking off in your current calling.  Nobody wants to make a change if you are doing well.  So let your performance slide just enough to get the job done but not enough to exclude be considered for something else.  However if you are a scouting anything or nursery leader you pretty much have to lose a child before you will get released.  So plan a hike in an area where you know search and rescue are very active.

Stage 4 this is the kicker.  Find the ward clerk and executive secretary and let them know through casual conversation that you are experiencing burn out and would really like a change of pace.  They attend bishopric meeting and when your name gets submitted by the primary presidency for a teacher.  The Bishopric will talk about your amazing teaching abilities and your past experience.  Then the ward clerk and executive secretary will weigh in and let them know how you are looking for a change.  Boom you have a new calling.

Now the only kicker to this is that whole revelation thing.  The Bishop has it and Heavenly Father has a sense of humor.  You might get exactly what you want sort of.  You will get called to the Primary just like you want except it wont be in the nice 8-9 year old class it will be in the demon possessed 4 year old class with 15 kids and no assistant teacher.  You got what you asked for now you get to live with it.  So before you go down this path you might want to consider that new experiences and a calling you are currently in would be amazing if you forgot yourself and went to work. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Is it wrong to hold someone accountable for their job?

I had an experience earlier this month that reminded me why people should really love what they do for work.  I have been blessed over the course of my lifetime to have some really cool jobs.  I make it a point to only take jobs with flexible schedules, a fair amount of travel and long term goals.  This gives you the opportunity to integrate your job into your lifestyle and be successful at both.  Having proper balance is something that I truly believe in.  I really enjoy what I do now as a high school recruiter for a tech college and love to see the positive change in kids lives when they get an education. 

The other day I was at my sons middle school getting some information to get my him started in track.  I was picking him up to take him to the doctor to get a physical.  I asked the person at the front desk for a copy of the physical forms.  She said "they are online."  I said "I am going to the doctor now could you please print them."  She said "this is not my computer.". I said "I can wait."  She said "I cant leave the front desk but you could go home and print them."  I said "I don't have time could you send one of your student aids to get the documents that this note from your office says I need to pick up at the front desk (I then showed her the note)."  She was visibly put off by this.  She said "the doctors offices have copies of the forms."  I said "are you 100% sure of that to the point if they don't you or the school would be willing to pay for a follow up appoint if they don't?"  She did not answer that question then she stood up walked 5 steps to a shelf and dug through a file and produced a copy of the documents I needed.  I was completely calm during this exchange and made it a point to make sure my body language and tone where clear this was her problem.  Mainly because her office sent home the note with the instructions on it.  If I did not have the note I would have backed down in the beginning.

I am not sure how to take this.  I have 3 lines of thought.  The first, I am a rude jerk and should have just gone home to print out the papers online and been late for the doctors  appointment.  Two the lady at the desk was really out of her element and did not know what to do and going to that file was a hail Mary that paid off.  Three she was used to dealing with middle school aged kids and is never called to task and able to deflect what should be done on a regular basis.  Whatever the case may be I got the paperwork, It has caused me to reflect and in the future I think I will call the school to verify the notes they send home are actually accurate.  Or maybe just be nice and go home and print the papers out there.  What do you think I should have done?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Have you ever done something that seemed like a good idea at the time?

Have you ever done something that seemed like a good idea at the time?  Then you get far enough into it that you realize, "Hey.  Maybe this wasn't such a good idea?"  Let me give you a few examples of what I am talking about:

  • "Let's pull an all-nighter".  In what world is this fun?  I have stayed up all night with friends and it is a great time until about 2:00am then it tends to unravel.  That does not even take into consideration the total waste of the next day.  It never fails on family outings, scout camps, or any other youth gathering someone will recommend it and someone else will try to join in.  Ya good luck with that.

  • Lets do a  25 day blog challenge.  It was fun for about 4 days after that it was like someone was scratching fingernails on the chalkboard of my soul.  Not a squeak with a piece of chalk but a long, slow scratch that never seemed to end.  The one we just completed was especially bad because it required a YouTube video everyday.  Not a lot of room to comment on something like that.

  • You should go on a 50 mile hike.  I love scouting.  I love camping.   But the whole 50 mile hike thing I have never been able to wrap my head around.  Why would you walk 50 miles for the purpose of walking?  I have been a scout leader going on 12 years and have never done one of these.  I have gone 50 miles by canoe, raft, bike, car, and sailboat, but never on foot.  I will be doing my first this summer because someone in the troop wants to.  What exactly was I thinking when I agreed to this?

  •  Let's put tile in the bathroom and we can do it ourselves.  Well lucky for me I no longer own that house.  Tile is a lot harder than it looks to lay down.  The bathroom looked good when we were done except for that one loose tile in the middle of the floor that everyone steps on.  I realized I was in over my head about the time I tore the vinyl floor out and was committed to put something new down.

  • Lets make napalm.  What could go wrong there?  Without going into too many details it did actually work and it was completely awesome and I will never give out the recipe and I realize I used "and" 4 times in this sentence.  However, when we lit it off we didn't consider the size of the fireball, the black smoke, or the secondary fire.  All in all we are lucky no one died or was hurt.  But the incoming tide washed away all of the evidence by morning. 

  • Posting online that you have made napalm.  Who will find out?  Not my kids because they never read my blog.  However some of their friend's parents do so I am sure someone will sell me out.  Just for the record I was 23 when I did it so it was safe and I was a responsible adult.

  • Eating Balut.  Lets take a fertilized duck egg, incubate it for 13-19 days, boil it then eat it.  Who comes up with this stuff?  And who in the heck thought it was a good idea to eat it?  The first time I puked.  After that it got easier.  In fact I got to where I actually enjoyed them.  It has been a solid 20 years since I have tried and I don't see myself going back after all of these years.

  •  Blue eye shadow and big hair.  You know who you are and you know what you have done.  Don't make me breakout the 1980's yearbooks.  Luckily I have never fallen into this category.  
Everyone has regrets over doing some not-so-smart things in their life.  I would much prefer to have a regret of doing something that did not work out verses staying locked in my house with the shades drawn all the time living in fear of what could go wrong.    If you never go out and try the 50 mile hike you will never know what you have been missing (or haven't as the case may be).  I have eaten all the parts of the animal you are supposed to throw away.  After eating them it would be OK for you to take my word it is better to throw them away.  Not every part of a chicken tastes good.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 25: A song you could listen to all day without getting tired of

There is no such thing as a song you can listen to all day long and never get tired of it.  I do know what I am tired of is writing blog posts about songs.  Dang this 25 days seemed to drag on for ever.  Now I get to write about other items.  I have a list:

  • How to behave badly in sacrament meeting and blame it on your children.
  • The best way to campaign for a new calling.  I am going to make buttons and posters.
  • Bucket list
  • Is it a requirement to rearrange furniture every year or so?  I say no my wife says yes and I generally lose.. 
  • he countless ways my blog is better than my sisters.  I am up to 4 and still counting
  • Great quotes I hear camping with the scouts...I will give you a dollar if you eat that...
  • Coming up with names for my power tools
  • Yard work projects do we really need to mow the lawn
  • Carpet stains, every stain is a story
  • Fun things we find lost in our couch
  • Rock Chucks and Whistle pigs hibernation ends soon the hunt will be on.
  • The great tortilla wars corn vs flour
Oh and there is a song I could listen to all day.  But not the same version.  If there were just one song it would be Under Pressure.  Here are a couple of my favorite arrangements. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 24: A song that you have danced to with your best friend

In high school we made it a point to go to every stake dance we possibly could.  My kids have carried that tradition and arrange their lives around going to dances.  In fact my daughter just drove 500 miles to go to a dance to see some boy named Bingo.  I am not sure what his real name is but that is what I call him.  Why do I call him Bingo, because Sparkey, Goofball, Lonestar, Loserboy and Rico have all been taken.  But I digress.  One of the most fun dances I ever went to was a new years dance in Seattle.  I had friends from Oregon come visit, I had friends from Washington there and it was just a great time.  One of the songs that stuck in my mind from that dance was Tainted Love my Soft Cell.  I danced with this girls named Corey that I thought I liked turns out I didn't but it was still a fun dance.  I would not call her my best friend but it was one of the best dances I ever went to.

I just watched this video for the first time ever.  It is probably a good thing I have never seen it before because video is lets call it an area of opportunity.  Lame would be another word.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 23: A song that you cannot stand listening to

This one is easy there are two.  Whenever they come on the radio I change the station.  Usually with my kids yelling at me the whole time.  Then I refer to the music rules of the car:

#1: The driver gets to determine the music.
#2 If the owner of the car is not the driver he can override the driver.  (IE: Dad tells the 16 year old he is changing the station)
#3: If you have any questions refer to rules 1 and 2

These have been handy over the years and like a good recipe or craftsman skill they have also been handed down from one generation to the next.  The true wisdom in these rules not being fully understood by the younger generation until they become the older generation.  These rules are also the reason as a general rule I dont like to be a passenger and prefer to drive my own car.

Owl City: Fireflies

Imagine Dragons: Radioactive

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 21: Your favorite Song

I have mentally been done doing the blog challenge about 10 days ago however I made a commitment to finish.  I have noticed the quality of the posts have gone down hill significantly in that time.  By far the most popular post was the post how I dumped a girlfriend with a tape.  Oh and it turns out she does read my blog.  Oops my bad.  You can see that blast from the past here in case you missed it.

I currently don't have a favorite song.  I have had several over the course of my lifetime.  But one song that seemed to stay at the top of my favorite list for about 3 years (2 of that was on my mission while I was in pop culture outer darkness) was a classic (I hate using that word it makes me feel old) by the 80's hair metal band Def Leppard  the song was Pour Some Sugar on mMe.  Which at the time my mother hated because of the content.  I told her the music in her day had the same content.  Then we went down the path with that conversation every parent has with their kids about music in their generation verses the current generation. blah blah blah  Then I had a stroke of genius I found a song with the same content from her generation.  Yes in 1969 The Archies put out the song Sugar Sugar and behold 2 generations were now officially linked. I pointed this out to my Mom and she said they were totally different.  So I will let you decided here are both videos for your listening pleasure.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 20: The last song alphabetically on your iPod

This song came out my senior year in high school and had a really stupid video.  However the performance at the grammys was significantly better.  But I could not find that viedo so you are stuck with the original. The last song on my play list is by Billy Joel We didn't stat the fire.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 19: The first song on my Ipod

The first song on my play list is actually Amazing Grace by Il Dvo but I listed that in a post a couple of days ago.  The next song is by Pink off of her Playhouse Album Ave Mary A.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 18: A song that you love but rarely listen to

Most of the songs that I rarely listen to are songs that I loved when I was younger and have since learned the meaning to all the words.  Hence I dont listen to them anymore.  Ignorance really is bliss.  I try to shoot for bliss on a daily basis and frankly hit it more often than I would like to admit.

Other songs I really loved and then played them to death so I don't love them anymore.  I might even have negative feelings towards a few of them.  With iTunes if I have a song I like it is really easy to just add it to my phone and be able to play it whenever I want.  But I heard this song on a campout a few months ago when of the other leaders had it on his Ipod and I thought I needed to buy it, however I completely forgot about it until right now. The song is Iko Iko.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 17: A song that makes you want to dance

There is a lot of great music now but not much of it makes wants me to get up and shake my money maker.  However when I hear this song I do tend to move more than I normally would.  I think the founders of rock and roll figured out.

Chubby Checker The Twist

I think part of my feelings towards this song come from when I was little.  My mom taught us how to twist in the living room.  We could not quite get it so she gave us each a towel and told us to pretend we were polishing our behind and low and behold we learned the twist.  Good times...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Day 16: A song that made you cry

I am not what you would call and emotional person.  In fact on more than one occasion by more than one person I have been referred to as a robot when it comes to feelings.  When your kids fall they have a mother to take care of them.  More than once I have had injured children walk past me to find their mom .  Apparently rub some dirt on it and walk it off is not the cure to everything.  I did take Harmon to the grocery store once with a split lip so i could buy some superglue to close it up.  He has a sweet scare from that little adventure.  It is probably something I should work on however I am not sure I want to.  There are two pieces of music that do tend to make my eyes water a little bit.

One Day More from Les Mis

The other song is Amazing Grace performed by Il Divo