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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Is it wrong to hold someone accountable for their job?

I had an experience earlier this month that reminded me why people should really love what they do for work.  I have been blessed over the course of my lifetime to have some really cool jobs.  I make it a point to only take jobs with flexible schedules, a fair amount of travel and long term goals.  This gives you the opportunity to integrate your job into your lifestyle and be successful at both.  Having proper balance is something that I truly believe in.  I really enjoy what I do now as a high school recruiter for a tech college and love to see the positive change in kids lives when they get an education. 

The other day I was at my sons middle school getting some information to get my him started in track.  I was picking him up to take him to the doctor to get a physical.  I asked the person at the front desk for a copy of the physical forms.  She said "they are online."  I said "I am going to the doctor now could you please print them."  She said "this is not my computer.". I said "I can wait."  She said "I cant leave the front desk but you could go home and print them."  I said "I don't have time could you send one of your student aids to get the documents that this note from your office says I need to pick up at the front desk (I then showed her the note)."  She was visibly put off by this.  She said "the doctors offices have copies of the forms."  I said "are you 100% sure of that to the point if they don't you or the school would be willing to pay for a follow up appoint if they don't?"  She did not answer that question then she stood up walked 5 steps to a shelf and dug through a file and produced a copy of the documents I needed.  I was completely calm during this exchange and made it a point to make sure my body language and tone where clear this was her problem.  Mainly because her office sent home the note with the instructions on it.  If I did not have the note I would have backed down in the beginning.

I am not sure how to take this.  I have 3 lines of thought.  The first, I am a rude jerk and should have just gone home to print out the papers online and been late for the doctors  appointment.  Two the lady at the desk was really out of her element and did not know what to do and going to that file was a hail Mary that paid off.  Three she was used to dealing with middle school aged kids and is never called to task and able to deflect what should be done on a regular basis.  Whatever the case may be I got the paperwork, It has caused me to reflect and in the future I think I will call the school to verify the notes they send home are actually accurate.  Or maybe just be nice and go home and print the papers out there.  What do you think I should have done?

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