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The Fam
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 21: Your favorite Song

I have mentally been done doing the blog challenge about 10 days ago however I made a commitment to finish.  I have noticed the quality of the posts have gone down hill significantly in that time.  By far the most popular post was the post how I dumped a girlfriend with a tape.  Oh and it turns out she does read my blog.  Oops my bad.  You can see that blast from the past here in case you missed it.

I currently don't have a favorite song.  I have had several over the course of my lifetime.  But one song that seemed to stay at the top of my favorite list for about 3 years (2 of that was on my mission while I was in pop culture outer darkness) was a classic (I hate using that word it makes me feel old) by the 80's hair metal band Def Leppard  the song was Pour Some Sugar on mMe.  Which at the time my mother hated because of the content.  I told her the music in her day had the same content.  Then we went down the path with that conversation every parent has with their kids about music in their generation verses the current generation. blah blah blah  Then I had a stroke of genius I found a song with the same content from her generation.  Yes in 1969 The Archies put out the song Sugar Sugar and behold 2 generations were now officially linked. I pointed this out to my Mom and she said they were totally different.  So I will let you decided here are both videos for your listening pleasure.

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