The Fam

The Fam
Family Photos Fall 2015

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 24: A song that you have danced to with your best friend

In high school we made it a point to go to every stake dance we possibly could.  My kids have carried that tradition and arrange their lives around going to dances.  In fact my daughter just drove 500 miles to go to a dance to see some boy named Bingo.  I am not sure what his real name is but that is what I call him.  Why do I call him Bingo, because Sparkey, Goofball, Lonestar, Loserboy and Rico have all been taken.  But I digress.  One of the most fun dances I ever went to was a new years dance in Seattle.  I had friends from Oregon come visit, I had friends from Washington there and it was just a great time.  One of the songs that stuck in my mind from that dance was Tainted Love my Soft Cell.  I danced with this girls named Corey that I thought I liked turns out I didn't but it was still a fun dance.  I would not call her my best friend but it was one of the best dances I ever went to.

I just watched this video for the first time ever.  It is probably a good thing I have never seen it before because video is lets call it an area of opportunity.  Lame would be another word.

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