The Fam

The Fam
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

3 days until Ensign Ranch

3 days until one of the most fun weekends of the year.  We eat to much, don't sleep enough and talk about how awesome we really our minds.  The kids come and go we huddle in front of the fire and put into place the things we have learned from years past:

  • Spoons: When playing this game we need to use metal spoons, to much shrapnel with the plastic ones.
  • Pit: Not we are not being to loud, I only need two more shares of wheat!
  • Quiet time: for the ride home
  • Older kids: Mom and Dad don't have to go outside to play in the snow as much, they can watch themselves.  Yahoo for windows.
  • Food: No there is not to much and yes we can totally eat all that pizza.
  • Tums: yes please
  • Sunday Service: Annual family devotional, best part.
  • Firewood: Kids its time to fill the wood box again
  • Ping pong balls: You owe dad a quarter for each one you break
  • Bridges: No Mayson and Mathew a mattress is not an appropriate bridge between the bunk beds.
  • Turkey:  I will take mine deep fried
  • Bananagrams:youcanmakereallyreallylongwordsifyouhaveenoughtiles
  • Shuffle Board pucks:  They hurt your toes
  • Owen Smith:  Brilliant thespian
  • Telephone Call:  Laughing together at person on other end
  • Its dark outside:  its time to go sledding
  • Room #7:  Where all the wet clothes go
  • Funny Smell: Mom, Dad needs some pepto bismal
  • Pool table:  Should have become firewood years ago,  I have seen mountain ranges that were more level.
  • Breakfast: Hurray its time to eat again...I think I am going to be sick
  • Two rooms:  The noisy room and the quieter room
  • Dishes:  I hate them
  • Hot Chocolate:  Only with coffee mate flavored creamers
  • Mom, Do corn chips counts as cold cereal?
  • Only once a year:  Bummer but that's what makes it so cool!

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