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The Fam
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Interesting weekend

This weekend was a fun filled and jam packed with one event after another.  Have you ever been grateful for the weekend to be over so you can go to work for a break?

We home school our kids.  However we do affiliate with a home school group called OPHC where the kids spend one day a week on classes with other home school kids.  Working on fun stuff like drama, ballet, art, robotics, and other stuff.  There end of semester performances were with weekend.

Payton my little ballerina had her first public performance.  She is the tall one in the back 3rd from the right.  You can see the video on YouTube.  It is private so I cannot post it in the blog but I will on face book later today.  I was totally bummer that I could not see here perform live, Harmon had his pinewood derby at the exact same time and I needed to go with him.

The pinewood derby was Harmon's last and a real nail biter.  There was a 3 way tie for first place.  Harmon and two other boys.  Oddly enough it was the three boys whose dads were in charge.  Oops that's not good.  We ended up have a 3 race run off that put Harmon in 2nd place over all.  He also earned his Webelo rank.  That was fun.  However there are no pictures because Rhonda had the camera at the girls events.

Regann took a drama a class and had her performance.  She played 2-3 roles but this clip was my favorite.  She played an angry mother who threw a bunch of people out of her house.  I have to say she has the ticked off mom thing down.

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