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The Fam
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Monday, February 4, 2013

Awkward adn Awesome

Awesome: Being able to write a blog post whenever I want
Awkward: Not knowing how to spell and. 

Awesome: Not being a football fan, OK I don't mind watching an occasional game but I found out who was in the Superbowl yesterday morning at church.
Awkward: Not understanding what all the jokes about a blackout are about.  Still not clue, I think there might have been a power issue at the game but honestly I am not sure.

Awesome: Having Sunday afternoon to catch up on church and family stuff.
Awkward: Calling other people who are football fans trying to get information.  Apparently there is no good time to call during the Superbowl.  Who knew?

Awesome: Having all 5 kids stay awake through early morning church
Awkward: Having all 5 kids take an afternoon nap so they are still up past midnight

Awesome: Having a farm cat that has adopted us and is one super mouser
Awkward: Having it bring its latest catch to our back door so we can see it.
Super Awesome: Kids yelling during dinner  "Dad its true they do throwup cool stuff!  Look at what its doing now."

Awkward: Having assorted bird and mouse parts piling up on our back porch
Awesome: Asking what kid wants to claim the cat (who was named TS Elliott) as their own.
Super Awesome: Watching the said child back pedal as soon as they find out the owner of the cat has to clean up the assorted animal parts.

Awesome: Getting a couple of days off work
Awkward: Having the wife get sick so I got to spend the time driving her all over the courtry side to various doctors who basically said "take 2 asprin and call me in the morning".

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