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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bangy Bangy, performing Twist and Shout

It is not often that my kids truly surprise me and leave me a good way.  This happened last night at their schools annual parents night.  We home school our kids but they are part of a home school group that is run by Crescent School District called OPHC.  I am sure OPHC stands for something but I have no idea what.  Anyway so every Wednesday morning our kids head over to a local church that the school has contracted to use for holding class. I know is my kids have music, ballet, art, cooking, math and drama.  There might be some other stuff too however that is the wife's department to keep track of.    

Last night we got to see Payton's ballet class perform to the rainbow connection (video comming tommorrow).  Something about twelve 9 year old girls in tutus that just warms the heart.  They were very cute.  There were the other requisite pictures on the walls, poetry readings, drama performances etc... the stuff that is fun to watch if it is your kid but truly painful if it is not.  At the end of the evening all the kids got their awards and we had a performance from the band class.  There are 11 kids in this class.  4 of them sing vocals, 6 play some guitar like instrument and 1 plays the drums.  They have a teacher who plays the piano and boom you have a band, they named themselves Bangy Bangy.  I new Regann was in this class and I new they were performing and that is all I new.  I had no idea she was singing lead and that they actually were singing fun songs...compared to those my band class did in junior high school.   I have to say she rocked it.

Bangy Bangy performing Twist and Shout

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