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The Fam
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 11: My favorite TV show...not really its about crab mac and cheese on a hotdog

I have no idea what my favorite TV show is.  It changes from year to year and now with Netflix month to month.  I can tell you I don’t like Downtown Abby.  Wow talking about TV did not take very long.  Now let’s talk about Crab and milkshakes.
Iam in Baltimore Maryland and had some time Tuesday night and decided to go out for blue crab.  I have heard about them but never tried them.  I love crab and we catch Dungeness and Rock Crab near our home every year.  When it is on sale I buy King Crab and Snow Crab they are great on the grill or in a shell fish boil.  Anyway back to the blue crab.  I went to Saint Andrews Crab House out on the docks.  I selected the all you can eat option.  A few minutes later the server brought me out 2 dozen boiled crab covered in Old Bay Seasoning.  I tore into these things and immediately realized they are a lot of work.  The legs are completely a waste of time unless you want a shellfish flavored tooth pic.  The claws are tough to crack and the body meat is hard to get to.  However when you get to the meat it is a bit stronger flavored that Dungeness meat and very good.  It was succulent and wonderful both warm and cold.
It became evident very quickly this particular variety of crab is like a McDonalds milkshake.  You know when you get a milkshake on a hot summer day and are so excited to taste that chocolate, strawberry or vanilla goodness.  You peel the wrapper off of the straw and stick it into the cup and start to suck and suck and suck.  Then you take a break and because you are light headed and don’t have the lung power to actually get the shake up the straw.  You pull the straw out of the cup and lick the outside of the straw to remind you of what you are trying to get.  Then start the sucking part all over again.  This is kind of how blue crabs are.  They give you just enough meat to keep you going but not enough to really fill you up.  After 2 hours and 30 crab later my fingers were too tired to keep going and my lips burned from the Old Bay Seasoning.  (A milkshake would have totally rocked at that moment of time.)  So today I learned from my mistakes and had crab mac and cheese on a hotdog for lunch today.  I know sounds gross and low rent however it completely surprised me.  It was kind of like salt...hard to describe unless you have tasted it (go ahead and describe salt without using the word salt, let me know that works out for you).  The combinations of flavors and textures of the crab, hotdog and mac were quite wonderful.  All in all Baltimore from a food point of view has been more fun than most of the trips I go on.

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