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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 10: Something I am afraid of

I know it has been a few days since I posted and I know I skipped over day 9 on my 30 day blog challenge.  But it is my blog so I can do what I want.  I actually quit writing because I only thought my sister read this and it is easier to call her and just talk.  However I have spoken in recent days to an old high school friend in Maryland and a cousin in Ohio that both said they read my blog and called me out for not completing the 30 day challenge so here it is. 

I have all the normal fears any father of 5 would have:

  • teenage boys  (easy handles with a unblinking stare and refusal to smile, they run off like little girls)
  • homemade parachutes (if you have sons this is self explanitory)
  • the great legos vs littlest petshop debate between son and daughter will get violent.
  • teeenage auto insurance rates (How do they calculate these insurance rates?  It has to be with some new math or international version where they are counting in pesos and charge in dallors.

I also have a fear of hitting someone in a cross walk.  When I was 17 I was driving in McMinnville Oregon and not really paying attention and this old lady was crossing the street.  I had a red light and had to lock the tires up to stop in time.  The tires screeched, there was smoke from the tires sliding and the card kind of slid sideways.  I stopped about 2 feet from here she was there screaming holding her chest then shaking her finger at me.  I have had an ongoing fear of actually mowing someone over since then.  Come to think about it maybe the teenage insurance rates are not so far out of line.

I don't do horror movies at all.  I am a total and complete wimp.  The Wizard of Oz has freaked me out as a kid and I refuse to watch it now.  When Rhonda and I went and saw Wicked last year there were a couple of scenes with the flying monkeys and I found myself looking for the exits. 

In fact there is one scene in the comedy Harry and the Hendersons that came out in 1987 that completly scary.  I was screaming when I saw it for the first time and the 2nd and the 3rd.  As I watched the clip today so I could include it here they must have changed the movie because it is not nearly as scary as I remember.  I did go back and look at the flying monkeys as well they are just a creepy as I remember.

I also have a fear of kissing and old lady and she gets the wrong message and slips me the toungue.  It acutally happened once so I this is not an unrealistic fear.  As it turns out she was trying to scare worked. 


  1. i don't read your blog. i write it. that's why it's so awesome. case and point -

  2. My grandmother was NOT trying to scare you. It just ended up that way.

  3. I read your blog! BTW, I also don't like the Wizard of Oz and the flying monkeys. Creepy is right. So is planet of the apes.


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