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The Fam
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

When bad things go good or even gooder!

I read my sister Dedra’s blog post this morning and it is completely entertaining.  However I was expecting something different something like bad situations turned around.  The stories about half full glasses of soda were fun too; I like the milk one the best. This inspired me to write something a little different.

  1.  Don’t you hate it where you spray your lawn for weeds, kill all the weeds and most of the lawn also.  On the up side the weeds are dead and some of the lawn survived.
  2.  It’s a bummer when you tell your kids they can’t have a swimming pool because you are cheap to buy one, however it is wonderful when they accept a 2 foot deep mud hole in the front of your newly dead yard as an acceptable substitute.

  1.  It’s kind of upsetting when you walk out and look at the hood of your car and it appears like someone just took sandpaper to it.  But when your 8 year old son comes running out all excited that he just washed your car and wanted to surprise you it makes it really hard to get mad.
  2.  It is really frustrating when you have several rock chucks (ground hogs, yellow bellied marmots, whistle pigs,  or wood chucks they are all the same animal) living under your shed and cannot get a clean shot off.  However when your buddy lets you borrow his 17 with a 3x9 scope on it and you can take 6 out in one day it all tends to work out.  The best part is that I was 150 yards out and they could not figure out why all their friends and family were dying, they just stood there begging to get shot.
  3. You think it rained chocolate chips them walk outside to see a heard of sheep walking down the road. Oops.

  1. When you have a goat that constantly escapes and teaches the rest of the goats how to get out.  You really appreciate Craig’s List and the fact someone is looking for a goat to bbq and you have the solution walking around your pasture.

  2. The kids clean the living room by removing all the cushions from the couch and make a fort in another room.  You can’t sit down but you have an afternoon of quiet.  This can be extended into two days if you let them make 2 forts and have a nerf war.  You then get to break out the folding camping chairs so you have someplace to sit down.  Our living room looks AWESOME!  Now all I need is a couch to put on the front porch.
  3. When you walk into the kitchen and see your wife bought cheerios.  You eat a bowl and are blessed with cheerio tasting burps the rest of the morning.  Awesome! It is like eating the bowl of cereal all over again.

Life is really what we choose to make of it.  I saw the funniest quote yesterday that really made me laugh.  Don’t think of yourself as ugly think of yourself as a cute monkey.  I sent it to Dedra and she included it in her Blog, I think it is going to go viral.  


  1. You did by send that to me. You're lame.

    I was going to copy your idea and write another post. Bless your heart, you done ruined that one.

  2. Hey Ryan! I've tagged you for the Liebster Award. Please see this post for details. I know it sounds like spam, I promise it's not! Just trying to get you writting again! Try not to hate me for it ^.~


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