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Family Photos Fall 2015

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Family Photos...Who should be invited

The new year has me starting down a new journey in my life.  My oldest daughter has gone off to college met a boy and decided it would be a good idea to get married.  I support this line of thinking and actually kind of like the boy.  He is a real step up from other goof balls she has brought home over the years.  In fact when she started dating I told her I would not like any boy she brought home.  I did this so that when they broke up and she would spend days moping around the house I could say "I am sorry it didn't work out.  You know I never like him anyway."

The wedding is for sometime next month, I am sure I will get informed of the day as we get closer to it.  This new addition to our family has raised a question or two in my mind.  Who gets to be in family photos? I have learned over the years from sad experience with single family members that when we get together as a family they always insisted on their boyfriend or girlfriend being in the photo.  Then things would not work out and several years later we would be looking at pictures and say "who is that person?" Oh that was Uncle Eddies flavor of the week.  From this I learned and have had a rule with my kids that once you get married then spouses can be in the photo.  But not until, and being engaged does not count.

In due time I am sure that little people will be added to this mix and my wife says that they have to be allowed in the photos...even if they are crying.  I actually agree with that.  But here is another question if we take a series of family photos, can I have one of all my kids and grand kids and have those have married people step out?  Or take a photo with everyone and have my kids spouses step out one at a time in case things don't work out and we can still have a family photos from the event.

As I was typing this my son came and looked over my shoulder and said "Dad you are over thinking this.  Have you ever heard of photo shop?  You can just take them out of the photo and add anything you want in.  In fact could we Photoshop in some abs so you look like Dwayne Johnson that would be epic."

At least its good to know they are thinking outside of the box and trying to make their old man look good.

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