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Saturday, January 2, 2016

How to build a backyard Pizza Oven: Foundation

When we started this project the location was very important for the simple reason we were literally setting it in stone.  I wanted a spot next to the back door but my wife wanted something a bit further from the house.  I picked a spot under two willow trees that offered some shade and a bit of natural shelter.  

The ground before we started digging.
The spot was about 50 feet from the house and left lots of room to expand this project or have a place for people to sit.

This is my Harmon who with his brothers help dug the foundation hole,
Our frost line is 18 inches on a severe winter.  I had the boys dig the hole to 20-22 inches deep.  We made sure the botton of the hole was level.

We filled the hole with broken pieces of concrete.  This did a couple of things.  One I knew they would be strong enough to hold the weight and two they were uniform in thickness and relatively easy to work with.

We layered the rock on top of each other trying to make sure the gaps were covered.  

Between each lyer we added gravel to fill the holes in the cracks.

Once it was complete it sat about an inch above the grass line.   Putting the 3/4 minus crushed rock between the larger chunks of concrete really stabilized the whole thing.  There was no movement when we were finished,

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