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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Accidents happen, but its the thought that counts!

Ok normally this would be for memory Monday but I was reminded of this event this morning and thought it would be a great post.  Oh the names have not been changed to protect anyone and to the best of my knowledge this is the first time in 22 years this has been made public.
When I was 17 I was hot to trot for a girl in the Basin City Ward named Elizabeth Nuttle.  I was a dork and had no clue how to pursue this especially since I was only there for the summer.  One Saturday night my cousin Shad and 2-3 friends and I went to a stake dance in the tri-cities.  It was a great time but Elizabeth and her brother Andrew did not go to the dance.  So what was a disappointed young man to do to express his affection? There is really only one answer to that question…toilet paper her house of course.  Shad was driving his parents van and he killed the headlights and engine and we coasted into her driveway.  We all jumped out and soon flowing streams of double quilted cotton softness were waving through the trees.  We made our way back to the van reveling in our coolness and I noticed something by the car tire.  It was a dead cat.  We had accidently ran over Elizabeth’s cat in her driveway.  Oops.  What would you do in this situation?  It was not a leap for her to figure out who toilet papered her yard.  We quickly reviewed our options, cleaning up the toilet paper was not an option, coming clean and admitting wrong doing did not make the list either and neither was leaving a dead cat in the driveway.  So in our brilliant teenage boy minds we decided to pick up the cat and put it in the middle of the busy street that ran in front of her house.  That way it would look like an accident…which it was.  Just the location of the actual homicide took place somewhere else. 
So just to be clear in case Elizabeth or any of the Nuttle family ever find this post.  Shad was driving (and actually killed the cat), It was Nate, Danny or James who picked up the cat and tossed it into the street, Ryan found the cat and was in love with the girl just wanting to save her from any possible pain. 

You know even after 22 years I am not sure I would do anything different if it were to happen to me again today.  If you ever read this Elizabeth, sorry about your cat.


  1. I remember this! At first I thought you were going to tal about the girl who was our distant cousin. Bahaha.

    I like dead cat stories. I wonder If there was a grease spot on the driveway.. Haha

  2. I just sent Liz the link to this! :)

  3. If I could 'Like' a comment, I'd like Kimberly's

  4. That is too funny,it made me laugh out loud at the they will probably kick me out. Sorry for your loss Elizabeth, Although your cat will live on in our thoughts (laughter)...:P Lol.....:)Toilet papering a house because you LIKED a girl? Yes, you were a dork all right. I am picturing you in your AWESOME hair cut you posted a few months ago getting out of the Hardy Boys van..discovering the cat.

    Dedra...if you knew of this story you should have told! Remember this is the boy that gave your money back and got you in trouble for jumping on the bed!....:)


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