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The Fam
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good Idea / Bad Idea

Good idea: Doing preventative maintenance on your car
Bad Idea: accidently breaking a part that cost more than if you left things alone...oops

Good Idea: Having a yard sale
Bad Idea: Setting up the night before hand and not taking into account I can't even give this crap away.

Good Idea: weeding an overgrown area in your yard
Bad Idea: Exposing 100 sqaure feet of 5 inche deep sand, it has now become a sand box with water volcanos and Lego 4x4's in a place where it should not be. At least the weeds wont have a chance to grow back.

Good Idea: Planting a garden
Bad idea: Renting out your house before harvest...I hope they enjoy it.

Good Idea: Selling furniture before a move so you dont have to much to take with you
Bad Idea: Selling your couches a month before you actually move so you have nothing to sit on.

Good Idea:  Selling your kitchen chairs when you move
Bad Idea: Yup same thing again, no chairs except for some lawn furniture in the kitchen, all we need is a singing fish and we will be total redneck.

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