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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Honey, are we normal?

Have you ever thought about your life style?  Rhonda and I were going to be last night and I asked her “Do you think we are normal”?  She replied “In what way”?  I said in “however you interpret the question”.  We then had a conversation about how we live our lives and the affects we have on each other, our kids, communities etc…  
Our faith colors our lives and is by far the single biggest influence in the decisions we make.  Because of our faith we don’t drink alcohol or coffee, smoke, swear or several of the other things that society accepts as “normal”.  We teach our kids about personal relationships and how intimacy is for marriage, a concept that is laughable to many.  So if we don’t do these things does that make us abnormal?  I am sure to some it might.  I have had conversations with friends who genuinely want to know about some of these beliefs.  I in turn have some genuine questions that might be a bit humorous on the surface or how I present them but would genuinely like to know.  These are items that I have looked at and tried but still don’t get it or understand the draw.    
Being a Vegetarian:  I have tried it and have honestly given it my best.   My best in this case is usually a few days.  I either don’t know how to cook vegetable correctly or I am missing some key component.  There is something about bacon on a BLT or a steak at a BBQ that salad and baked beans just does not fulfill.  I saw a bumper sticker once that was super funny:  “Vegetarians:  my food poops on your food!”  I saw a billboard one time that was for an exotic meat company.  It said “there is room for all of God’s creatures, right next to the mashed potatoes.”  These things spoke to me and struck a chord with me.  I admire anyone’s ability to stick to something they believe in, this particular item is a hard for me to see the appeal.
Dreadlocks:  I know lets tie our hair in knots, not wash it and let it turn into long rope like stands that will eventually mat together into a rug.  Ok that is really mean and not very open minded.  I have never tried to have dread locks.  Can someone help me out here?  Is there a religious significant?  Is there a cultural significant I am missing?  What is the motivation here?
Pets:  I have made it no secret that I am not an animal lover.  I enjoy raising livestock and benefits of poultry but have never had feelings for an animal.  When our chickens died or got killed I was bummed about them dying but I don’t think I would have ever described it as upset or sad.  Having a dog, cat, bird, fish, turtle, lizard, or anything else in the house seems to be just wrong.  I know, let’s bring a hair making machine with that wonderful odor and invite it into our house.  Only if I get to feed it and clean up after it goes number 2.  What joy, if I am lucky it might even scratch, bite or bring fleas into the house.  Has anyone ever had a dog that smelled good?  I have heard people say my dog does not stink.  But I have never heard “My dog smells great, I would like to bottle it and sell it”.  I have heard people say that about flowers and food (usually meat).  I just don’t get it. 
I think that should about cover it.  A personal goal I am working on is to not judge people and keep and open mind.  I pray daily to see people as God sees them in an eternal perspective.  I think the little things like this should help me move towards and overcome the bigger issues, like hiking…not a fan.

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