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The Fam
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Friday, December 2, 2011

How smart is a High Councilour?

My current calling is on the Stake High Council.  By definition these are experienced high priests with a strong testimony of the gospel, who possess wisdom and leadership abilities.  I am not sure who wrote that definition but it is not how I would describe myself, especially not yesterday. 
Rhonda and I both had stake meetings last night.  She is the Stake Camp Director and needed to attend her monthly meeting and I had High Council.  The Stake Center is an hour from our home so when we have meetings the same night we usually leave early and hit Costco or some other store beforehand.  Last night was no different.  We gave another sister a ride and the three of us made a stop at Costco.  We march up and down the aisles looking and grabbed a few things.  We then made our way to the church and started our meetings. 
My meeting got underway and all was going well until I looked down and noticed something was wrong with my pants.  In that light they did not quite look the same color as my suit coat.  I looked closer and the patterns did not match up in the fabric.  Oops I grabbed the wrong jacket.  So I am wearing brown pants with an olive suit coat.  Mind you they both look great on their own but together it is kind of like ice cream and turkey gravy.  Two things that just are not supposed to share the same fork at the same time.  I was immediately wondering how this happened and more importantly how my wife let walk through Costco looking so goofy. And the big question did she notice and not say anything?   I would like to point out here that I was the one who pulled the clothes out of the closet and I was the one who put them on but somehow this evolved into my wife’s fault.   I am not really sure how that happened but since we have already moved to that point and I liked it better than the alternative the decision was made to stay there and this be her fault. 
After my meeting I made a b-line for the door and to find her.  Her meeting as just wrapping up and I asked her if she noticed anything different about my suit that night.  She looked at me and said no.  I said look again and I helped her out with the colors.  She said she did not notice it before but since I had pointed it out she could totally see it.  Great she did not notice it either now whose fault is it?  You know it is not really about whose fault it really is it is about assigning blame.  Now that is wisdom and leadership at work if I ever saw it.  I am just lucky they don’t actually give us a test before giving us the calling because after last night I am not so sure I would have passed.   

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