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Monday, December 12, 2011

A duck and heart of gold!

Yesterday at church Payton and Harmon got a Christmas present from their teacher.  They are these little stuffed animals that have a gel ball for a stomach covered by a corse mesh.  When you squeeze it the gel ball pushes through the mesh and makes lots of little gel balls.  Here are a couple of photos to illustrate what I am talking about. 
Relax your squeeze and everything sucks back in and no harm is done.  Unless you squeeze to hard rupture the ball and colored gel is oozing out.  This is exactly what happened to Payton’s stuffed duck.  And because she is 9 years old and she had this duck in her posession for almost 3 whole hours she was able to create a bond to rival that of a mother who had just given birth to her child.  Let’s just say her world in her mind was literally coming to an end with the death of this toy.  So what would a good brother do?  Let me go down the list:
·         Tease her about being a baby
·         Tell her it was just a cheap duck
·         Help here feel better by letting her know Santa will be coming in two weeks with more toys.
·         Try to fix it with water and a turkey injector
·         Share your toys
Oddly enough all of these things actually happened from one of her 4 siblings.  But Harmon went above and beyond.  He saw how upset Payton was and was going to give her his stuffed animal.  But his was a turtle and she liked the duck.  So he got a knife cut the gel ball out of his new toy he had received earlier that day and was working to get it into Payton’s duck.  This is where Rhonda and I entered the picture.  Both of us were deeply touched by his selfless and very charitable actions.  We helped him perform minor surgery on the duck to get it back together and gave it to his sister. 
Every now and again your kids impress you.  They come up with a good answer in Sunday school or willingly split the last cookie.   But for a 10 year old boy to willingly and of his own accord take apart his new toy for parts to fix his sisters is significant.  Just thinking about gets me a little teary eyed.

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