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Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Tree Time

For years we have used a fake Christmas Tree.  We picked it up at a post holiday sale for something like $20.00 and used it for 6 years.  We gave it away after last Christmas in an effort to reduce the amount of stuff we have.  It also had something to do with about 9000 baby spiders that hatched out of it when we brought it into the house last Christmas.  But that is a completely different story.  We are in the process of getting ready to move so all of our Christmas decorations and things are in storage and not easily accessed.  This year we decided to low tech.  Only home made ornaments, minimal lights and lots of character.  We were going to go out into the woods and cut down a tree and have the whole live tree experience.

I came home from work for lunch last week and the kids were talking about getting a tree.  They all got their coats on and walked out into the woods surrounding the house.  We marched all over the property and found one they all agreed on.  This tree is a direct descendant from the one Charlie Brown used only with fewer branches.  Mayson and Regann pushed through the salal and other ground cover took a saw and cut it down.  We brought it is the house and put it in the tree holder and let the kids start to decorate it.

Rhonda and I had meetings that night so we left the kids with a pile of paper, glitter and assorted craft supplies.  We came home and found the tree completely covered in paper loop chains, multicolored paper stars, assorted origami shapes, Lego's formed into Christmas ornaments and some other toys that were called into service.  The tree is to thin to support the weight of lights on the branches so they wrapped one string of lights up and down the center trunk of the tree.  I told them it closely resembled a festavis pole. 

About two days later Payton came to me and said she would like to put more decorations on the tree and some candy canes.  We discussed it and she sliced up some apples and oranges and stuck them in the fruit dryer.  two days later she and Nolahn strung them up and hung them on the tree.  We also picked up a couple of dozen candy canes and hung them up as well.  Payton counts them everyday to make sure no one is eating them before Christmas. 

By the commercial worlds standards this is not a very nice tree.  However by measuring the things that really matter it is amazing.  My kids chose it, decorated it and care for it.  It brings a spirit of humility, self reliance and simplicity into our home.  They are very pleased with what they have created.  I am more pleased that they are not being distracted by the tinkling brass and sounding symbols the world plays distorting what is important about this Christmas season.  I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and somewhat wild new year.


  1. Every once in a while your sentimentality shows. These are the moments I remember why I married you. I think after we move we should ditch all the other ornaments and do this again!

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