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The Fam
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Christmas Carol

Time to rip off Dedra's posts again.  She has good ideas and is really Smrt.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Age 2: I got a wagon the I eventually used the wheels to make an AWESOME go cart with in cub scouts.  Loved that thing.

Age 3 and 4: Mom and Dad were divorced I have jumbled memories about going from one house to another and my grandparents.  I think we were in Basin City and Boise but I honestly could not say.  There was a cowboy hat and a white couch some place in there.

Age 5: We were in Boise and I got a bike.  I also remember telling Dad that the big present under the tree was a rubber raft and mom slapping me saying I ruined Christmas.  After that if I decided to tell a secret I made sure not to be sitting next to the person I was selling out.

Age 6: We were in Meridian and I got yellow and checkered pajamas and a train set.  I remember giving Dedra a big candy cane I got at a school Christmas party.  I had to crawl on the metal banister to the stairs and the furniture to get it under the tree.  Mom would vacuum the living room and leave a pattern in the carpet that would show footprints of snooping kids.

Age 7: I was wearing the yellow and checkered pajamas in the photos from last year and go in trouble for not wearing my new pajamas in the pictures.  I liked the yellow ones.  I got walky talkies that lasted about 2 days before they were broken.  I still blame Heather.

Age 8: I was still wearing the yellow pajamas in the photos.  Keep in mind nobody realized this for several years until Mom developed the film and I had 3 consecutive years in the same pair of progressively ill fitting pajamas.  I really liked those pajamas.

Age 9:  I got something I don't remember what but I am sure we bought dad Peanuts and Pepsi.

Age 10: It was not at Christmas time but sometime later that my eyes where opened to the reality of Santa Claus.  I was arguing with my Mom about not having to share a toy because she did not give it to me Santa Claus did.  The in a moment of very clear anger and frustration she yelled at me "Who in the hell do you think Santa is?"  I then stood there dumbfounded and put all the pieces together and realized I had been living a lie.  So I ran and found Heather and informed her of this earth shattering revelation.  Then I got into trouble for that.  No one said I had to keep it a secret, somehow it was assumed that a 10 year old kid would just know not to tell anyone.

Things pretty much blurred after this for the next few years.  About the time I turned 14 the holidays became more clear.  We started selling candy that is a whole series post in its self.  Lets just say we spent a lot of time helping other people feel the Christmas Spirit through the wonder of hard candy floral arrangements.

My first Christmas on my mission when I woke up and the house looked exactly like it did when I went to bed was a bit more shocking than I have really like to admit.

The ghost of Christmas Present:  This would be my married life.  Rhonda and I have worked hard to blend our Christmas Traditions and make something new that is our own.  We don't go anywhere and eat clam chowder.  We have breakfast then make a big pot of really really good clam chowder.  That is all the cooking we do.  If you are hungry eat soup or chocolate.  We get together with my family in January over MLK weekend.  We mail stuff to her family and see them in the summer.  But the holiday season is ours, we are happy to share but you have to come to us.

Oh and Santa does no longer want potatoes chips and Pepsi.  He is the bacon cheeseburger and root beer kind of a guy.

The ghost of Christmas future:  I foresee lots of homemade gifts, lots less commercial stuff and Santa bringing socks, underwear and shoes while all the cool stuff is under the tree from Mom and Dad. A very focused effort to minimize the unimportant stuff that has somehow forced its way into a holiday that is supposed to be celebrating the Savior of the World.

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