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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Things we should be greatful for.

The holiday season is in full swing and it gives us time to count our blessings and be greatful for what we have.  It is easy to look at our kids and be thankful for them or a loving spouse and say man I really scored on that one (see photo below).  But other areas of our life maybe the blessings are not so obvious.  I would like to take a minute and count some of those.  I would encourage you to do the same because it is really the small things that really matter.

    1.       I am grateful for the person who stole my parking space , because he could have parked on the line and taken two spaces.
2.       I am grateful for not catching any fish on my last trip to the river, now I don’t have to deal with the issues of cleaning them.
3.       I am grateful my son’s bedroom never seems to be clean.  If it were I would have to come up with something else to constantly tell them to do.
4.       I am grateful for ability to block phone numbers.  If you always get a busy signal when you call my house there might be a reason.
5.       I am grateful for neighbors when I lived in town.  Because they make  me appreciate not having any when I live in the country.
6.       I am grateful for plastic silverware.  Yes it makes me lazy, yes it is bad for the environment and yes washing a fork is not really that hard.  But it is hard enough that I do not want to do it.
7.       I am grateful for crazy people.  They give me the chance to scratch my chin and say hmmm I wonder if that is how the world sees me?
8.       I am grateful for Michigan winters.  Because no matter how cold and miserable Washington gets in the winter there is always someplace much colder.
9.       I am grateful for the stinky guy at church, because we all know it could be much worse.
10.   I am grateful that I hit a raccoon with my car, because we all know it could have been a deer.
11.   I am grateful for people who borrow stuff and never return it, it make me appreciate the time I was able to use my stuff before they took it.
12.   I am grateful for having to mow the lawn, because it is one less thing that I have to weed by hand.
13.   I am grateful for the people who can’t read body language and know that our conversation really ended 5 minutes ago.  It makes it that much sweeter  when I am in reality actually able to escape.

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  1. Ryan,
    I am grateful for you and your awesome point of view! Thank you! - Ashley B.


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