The Fam

The Fam
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Aukward and Awesome

  • Not knowing how to spell awkward,aqwerd, actweird, aukwurd etc...
  • Looking the people of walmart website and finding a photo of yourself
  • Keeping your mullet long enough that they are coming back into style (maybe not awkward for you but definetly for the rest of us)
  • buttoning your shirt wrong and having a coworker point it out...bummer for that guy.  It was not me just someone I know.
  • Showing up for High Council Meeting early and checking my mail in the church parking lot then getting the message from 2 days earlier the meeting was cancelled.
  • Telling a friend about your upcoming birthday party and asking them to watch your kids that night so you can stay up late and have fun with your friends.
  • Knowing how to spell AWESOME
  • Being completely done with my Chirstmas chopping 10 days before Christmas.
  • Getting a new lap Top and 2nd monitor at work, makes it much easier.
  • Getting Christmas cards and plates of treats
  • Time off for the holidays

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