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The Fam
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Friday, December 23, 2011

Have you ever accidently assaulted a coworker?

It is amazing the things that matter and how our ability to be embarrassed changes over time.  At this stage of my life I have to say that very few things embarrass me. I am not sure how came to this point.  My job has a very heavy sales component so being able to take rejection is something I get to deal with every day.  Maybe that has jaded me. The last time I was red in the face embarrassed and had no idea how to react was a several years ago. 
I was the branch manager for a bank.  One afternoon I was standing behind the teller line talking to a couple of coworker and a very cute 20 something single girl was working behind me.  She had to get some supplies and bent over to get them out of a bottom drawer.  She needed more space and started to back up.  She backed her butt up right into my hand.  I was just standing there it would have been no big deal but as it so happened I was using my hands to express a point in a conversation with the people in front of me and was dropping them at that moment of a time.  So instead of an accident bump or brush it was more of a forceful slap.  I immediately was horrified and apologized profusely.  The three ladies that were there and witnessed it thought my reaction was funnier than the actual incident.  I turned bright red my face got all hot and flushed I could hardly talk.  I could not even look at this girl in the eye for a week after this happened.  It was horrible. 
I would like to say I believe I have fully recovered from this particular incident, I just hope my former coworker can say the same.

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