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The Fam
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Card Time

For years we talked about sending out Christmas Cards.  We even did it a few times.  Other years we would buy the cards and never send them out.  Other years we would send out 10-12 and lose interest and run out of money for postage.  However for the last few years we have improved and streamlined the process.  It is very simple:

  1. In November after church so everyone is dressed nice still go out and get a family picture taken.  We have had a friend with a nice camera take take ours or recruit a family member to come develop (no pun inteded) a talent.  We usually have then take a 100 or so pictures.  With digital cameras this is really easy.
  2. We go home search through the hundred or so pictures and usually there are at least 2 and maybe 3 if you are lucky.  We then crop and center the photo. 
  3. We log into costco, snapfish, shutterfly or one of the other online photo service providers select one of their photos christmas cards and customize it.
  4. We order the photo cards and they show up a few days later.  We write the addresses on the envelopes.  Rhonda wont let me print labels.
  5. Stuff the card into the evelopes and send them off
We have successfully spread holiday cheer and stayed in contact with friends and family.  I actually love sending and recieving the christmas cards.  They show that you are willing to take a little time in the fast paced digital world and say hey I care enough to send the very best!  Someone should make that into a tag line, its really good. 

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