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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spliting of the Ward

They made an announcement today that mostly fell upon deaf ears.  One of our stake high councilmen and I might a very dashing one (he has sweet sideburns) read a letter from the stake presidency.  It said that we are going to have a special meeting next week during the super bowl giving us the boundaries to the 2 new units that are going to be created in our stake.  That 6 of the 8 units in our stake would be affected.  He then went on to read a very nicely worded letter on how we should not speculate who the new leadership would be or where the new boundaries would be.

Ok let me clarify the deaf ears part.  Everyone was listening and paying attention when he said we are going to split the wards and create 2 new units in the stake.  However the minute he said "The meeting is scheduled for 4:15".  I would say the majority of the priesthood holders in the room quit listening.  Super bowl kickoff scheduled for 4:30.  Is that by accident or is someone just trying to lose friends. I am not a football fan but I have for years gone out of my way to watch the super bowl if for no other reason than the commercials and half time show.  It is also a great reason to make chicken wings and pizza on a Sunday afternoon.  Who doesn't love pizza and chicken wings we could even start with a prayer and call it family home evening. 

Then the instructions to not speculate.  WHAT?  Exactly how do you not do that?  How can you in your calling not wonder who is going to be in your class next week?  Or how many new kids you get from the other units?  Or if that one kids that bugs your wife will be on the other side of the line we are not to talk about?  How about if you are a counselor and live on the opposite side of town as the president if they are in another ward you might be moving up or out. 

Then there are the people like me who really don't care where the new boundaries are but like to fan the fire for the people who do.  You also can do this by saying fun things like have you considered with the new changes you could end up in a Bishopric in the new ward?  Or the road you live on seems like a nature dividing line I hope you live on the right side or you might end up as nursery leader.  I wonder if that boy who stocked your daughter is going to be in our new ward?

One easy solution for all of this is to have a live feed ticker tape on the game running at the bottom of the Stake presidents power point presentation on the new ward boundaries.  A real time feed of the game would benefit many in attendance.  We could also use this as a fundraiser, let the priesthood quorums run a small betting pool say no more than 2-3 bucks a map and let the map that closest resembles the new stake boundaries be a winner take half and their wards youth programs gets the other half.  It is all really just thinking about the greater good.


  1. I am going to miss you Ryan.

  2. Which Dan is that? LOL Now I've had to speculate.


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