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Friday, January 31, 2014

Ice fishing...this is fun?

The first of the month I took 3 of my kids to a youth ice fishing event at Horse Thief  Reservoir.  The weather was windy and raining hard.  Water pooled on top of the ice so we were standing in puddles.  We had chairs so when the rain hit our water proof coats it rolled down our jackets and pooled into our chairs.  We are on the ice for about 90 minutes and caught no fish.  It is really my fault I have an anti-fish catching gene.  It has been passed on to my children and they are relegated to suffer from it all of the days of their life.  Bummer for them.  However I continue to try and catch fish.  I have caught crab, shrimp and clams.  I have even caught a few small fish in the mountains last fall.  However when I go on back packing trips and the expectation is we will eat fish for part of our food.  I either bring a highly experienced fisherman or additional food.  This plan has always seemed to work for me.   Here are a few photos from our ice fishing trip (take note no one is hold up a fish)

I always like to take a picture at the beginning of events like ice fishing, yard work, backpacking, or surgery while people are still happy and really not 100% aware of what is coming.

His bait came off of the hook and floated to the hole at this point of time he asked if we were having fun yet and if we could go home.  Approximately 30 minutes after we arrived and that is on top of the 2 hour drive.

She is having fun and actually got a strike but failed to land it.  I blame her fishing genes.  They obviously came from the shallow end of the gene pool.

Reganns chair is full of water and she was wearing a cotton shelled work jacket.  Very warm until it gets wet.  After we did get into the car she was down to a t-shirt, tights and bare feet for the ride home.
Selfy with me and the oldest kid on the ice.  Some day I hope to be there when someone shows my children how to catch a fish.  

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