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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bless his heart!

I learned something powerful and amazing this last weekend.  It was taught by a sister in our ward.  She shared this profound truth with my wife who shared it with me.  It demonstrated the power of words and when properly used you can say just about anything to anyone.  These magic words…”bless his heart”.  I didn’t understand when she first explained this to me.  It took a few examples and an explanation.  You can say anything about anybody if you follow it with “bless his heart”.  Let me give you a few examples:
That famer is trying to milk a steer, bless his heart.
He is not the sharpest tool in the shed…bless his heart.
That (insert family name) are an interesting lot, bless their hearts.
If you read this and it still does not make sense try this read the following examples out loud and then make sure to leave a small pause before the bless there heart.
That boys has no idea that girls likes him, bless his heart.
That sister puts up with a lot with her demon kids, Bless her heart.
Boy honey your sister is a glutton for punishment, bless her heart.
Does the elders quorum teacher ever prepare a priesthood lesson before church starts?  Bless their hearts they sure try.
See with a little modification you can say almost anything in any circumstance if you use a variation of three magic little words: Bless their heart.  There is power in them thar words.

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  1. Ryan, you write a good blog, bless your heart.

    Listen to Miranda Lambert - only prettier.


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