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The Fam
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


While I was gone last week my kids were helping their grandma clear out garbage.  She is in the process of packing and will be moving to Idaho with us next year.  Her property has piles of useless junk that needs to be taken care of.  My 6 year old Nohlan who was helping in this process made up a word to describe the circumstance.

Colubious: A collection of useless items.

he asked if we could make it a real word.  Being the supportive parent and wanting my 6 year old to have his 15 minutes we made colubious a real word.  How you might asked?  Through the magic of the internet and wikipedia.  You can see it at:

It is cool having a child who created a word.  I always wanted to leave my mark on society, however I thought I had to do it through hardwork and service.  That is not the way.  I am going to sit around and start making up words and see if I can get them to stick, my only problem is all of the good ones are already taken.

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  1. I think his fame is over. Wiki deleted your page. Have Nolahn read 'Frindle.' Best book ever. It will inspire him.


If you have been inspired by the words of brilliance or the creative spelling let me know and leave a comment, that is when it gets fun for us writing this thing is getting your feedback.