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The Fam
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Monday, July 4, 2011

High School in McMinnville Oregon and Bremerton Washington

I had the great joy of attending 3 high schools.  Two in Oregon and one in Washington.  I ended up enrolled at Bremerton High School for a grand total of 4 months and 2 weeks then graduated.  Hopefully my kids will have a bit more stability and deeper feelings for their high schools.  The people I went to school with were exceptional.  I hung out with an LDS crowd and we always had a good time and rarely ever got into trouble.

We are in the process of moving to Idaho next year so my wife has wasted no time getting rid of stuff that does not need to go.  She found an old photo album of mine and because of digital technology you all get to see photos that if I had to guess no one outside of my family has ever seen.  These are from the 18 months I lived in McMinnville Oregon.

I also found this one:

These two are the only could find however I know there are more someplace else.

In addition to the second half of my senior year I also spent the year before my mission in Bremerton.  I was out of high school and was working a couple of jobs so I could afford to get film developed.  These are really fun.

I worked at Pietros Pizza and really loved it.  In fact if I could make a living now as a pizza delivery driver I would totally do it.  Best job ever.  We had some body call in a prank order and we ended up with a dozen or so extra pizzas so I took them over to the Thatchers house.  They were having a party and I could not go until after work.

As I think back it seemed like we were having a party at someones house pretty much every weekend.  Nothing formal just show up play basketball, watch a movie, jump on the trampoline or something else.  Always a lot of people and always a lot of fun.

It also seemed like whenever there was a school dance it was the basically the same group of people and everyone took one step to the left and got a different date.

Since my daughter has turned 14 I have been a chaperone at most of the stake dances.  I have to say we were cooler then than they are now...and the music was better.  It is very weird going to these dances and sitting there watching how painful it is for the boys and girls to interact.  I always wonder how long it is going to take for them to realize.  Most every who attends these dances wants to dance...with a member of the opposite sex.  As soon as they realize that girls and boys are equally afraid of each other it will completely change their worlds.  But usually by the time that happens you are already married.

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  1. I have good memories of you and your family.


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