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Friday, July 15, 2011

Harmon, kickin it at Cub Scout Day Camp

I absolutly love scouting.  It is so much fun, teaches such great things and give kids the oportunity to do things they would never otherwise be able to do.  My son is spending this week at day camp and I am here in Chicago not able to be there.  My wife posted some photos on facebook I thought were so cool I decided to post them here as well.

They have a pirate theme so here they are making their Jack Sparrow head pieces

They are practicing rowing their long boats for their skits...something about krackins in them thar waters.  Nothing like 60 ten year olds walking around talking like pirates.  Especially when they all have their own special way of doing it that some may say is not quite right.

They had the BB gun range.  Harmon asked when they were going to let them use the "real" guns.  Apparently I never thought that he only uses BB guns at day camp the rest of the year when we go shooting he used live rounds in a wide variety of things from .22 to 30.06 and 12 gauge shots guns.  BB guns can be cool too.  His instructor did say Harmon is a really good shot and was tearing it up on the range.

They learned how to cook breakfast in a paper bag.  How cool is that?

Bacon and eggs in a paper bag.  I wonder if they fought over who got to burn the dishes?

You have 60 boys in one place, playing with guns, fire and knives what is the natural next things to teach them?  So why not bring in the experts?

The wife and the son getting to have all the fun.  Yes I am kind of jealous that I could not be there for Harmons last day camp. 

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