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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good Ideas and Bad Ideas for your next trip to Atlanta

As I have stated in previous entries I travel for work.  My sisters do these lists every week and have inspired me to try my hand at them.  Here is a Good Idea vs. Bad Idea list for you if you ever go on a trip to Atlanta. 

Good Idea: Trying 3 different BBQ Restaurants while in town.
Bad Idea: Trying all 3 of them in one afternoon

Good Idea: Trying Gladys Knights waffle and wings restaurant
Bad Idea:  Asking for the Mormon discount

Good Idea: Visiting the Coke Museum while in town
Bad Idea:  Walk in carrying a Pepsi

Good Idea: Brushing your teeth
Bad Idea: Using the toothbrush you found under the garbage can in the hotel room

Good Idea:  Eating takeout food in your hotel room
Bad Idea:  Eating the food you found in the fridge in your hotel room

Good Idea: Staying in a hotel while in town
Bad Idea: Staying in the room you found the tooth brush and food in the fridge

Good Idea:  Grabbing a bite to eat at the local Waffle House
Bad Idea:  Take personal hygiene advice from the staff

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