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Friday, May 20, 2011

Its OK to have a dirty house just blame it on Bangladesh

We had a couple of friends at our house for a cub scout meeting last year.  After the meeting my wife being the great host that she is brought out snacks.  One of these ladies happily dove into the tray of treats and the other politely declined explaining she was on a diet.  The lady who was eating the treats thanked her and explained her theory on how the world works.  It went something like this: 
In order for her to lose weight somebody else had to gain it or the world would be out of balance.  It works like that for countries as well.  You have countries like Switzerland and Sweden that are clean, pristine and immaculate countries and this is all made possible because of developing nations like Bangladesh  that have more sanitary and pollution issues.  Then she went on to say your house works the same way.  It can never be clean all at once or it will be out of balance.  Your kitchen and living room can be clean but the bedrooms and laundry room are messed up.  You can have a great looking yard but your garage is totally trashed.  I think you get the point.
I laughed when I heard this theory because it seemed to have a thread of truth in it.  My kids get assigned chores every day.  These change on a day to day basis.  However there are unchanging chores like clean your room, do your homework, practice whatever instrument you are learning, feed the animals etc… The chores that change have to do with the laundry, kitchen and public spaces in our home.  It has become painfully obvious that it is virtually impossible for them to have both sets of chores done at the same time.  If the house is clean their rooms are not.  If the laundry is done no one has practiced their music.  It’s totally like the Bangladesh vs. Switzerland thing.
I am not sure what to do.  Rhonda thinks we have to much stuff and need to get rid of it.  Which is why she is planning for us to clean the garage and haul stuff to Goodwill this Saturday.  However I was planning for us to work in the yard and plant our garden.  I believe the only real solution to this is to find someone who has a garden planted and a clean house and get mad at them because they are totally throwing off our groove.


  1. I thank the Jehovah's Witness family in Meridian on Camilia Ave for my yard and I am angry with Rhonda because of my bedroom.

    You're right! I do feel better.

  2. When my husband was a kid he had a similar theory. His theory was about hair though. There is only so much hair in the world. Thus when a woman grows her hair out long, that means some poor man starts going bald.

    By the way, I am your cousin. ( In case you have no idea who I am. Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Ernie's daughter.) Not simply a random blog stalker. I am a related blog stalker.


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