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The Fam
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

I got Punk'd

The other day I found the above note on my dresser.  It was written by our 6 year old son Nolahn.  It was very sweet and is always a pleasure to get such notes from your children.  Later that day I thanked Nolahn for the note and commented how good he is getting with his words and letters.  He then asked if it was OK for him to sleep in my bed not that he has done something nice for me.  That little butt was totally working me.  He is past the “sleeping with Mom and Dad” phase of his life and well into the “you get to sleep in your bunk bed” phase of life.  He is fully aware that I have zero desire for him sleep in our bed however his Mother still likes having the babies in bed with us while they sleep.  He will usually wait until I am fast asleep and then with great stealth sneak into our room and slide in next to his Mother on the far edge away from Dad.   This plan occasionally backfires when Rhonda and I periodically change sides of the bed.
Any way I let him know I was grateful for the note but no he could no sleep with us.  Later that night at bed time he came in to give us a kiss goodnight like he does every night.  He looked at me with a bit of ire and then without breaking eye contact he kissed his Mom.  Only when he did he said kiss for mom (then he kissed her), kiss for dad (then he kissed his mom again), hug for mom (then he hugged her), hug for Dad (then he hugged her again).  He then left our room maintaining eye contact the whole time and thanked his Mom for letting him sleep in our bed.  I could not believe it, but I was just punk’d by a 6 year old.  Then to top it off he locked out door and closed it.  I got up a minute later and he totally did not lock our door he was waiting outside for me to fall asleep so he could come in and get in bed. 
This was one of those definite “I need to laugh behind closed doors” parent moments. 

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