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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lets watch church on TV

We were getting ready for church last Sunday and Nolahn our 6 year old came to me in his pajamas still and asked if we could have conference today and just watch church on TV.  It made me laugh and deep down inside agreed with him.  I wish we could have conference more so we could just watch church on TV.  The big difference between Nolahn and I is that I actually watch conference.  I am confident in saying I think he just wanted to lay around in his pajamas all day and play with Lego’s.    
However this got me thinking with the advent of technology and all of the websites the church has come out with in recent years:
BYU TV and BYU Radio channels are pumping out devotionals, cultural programming , concerts and clips from the plethora of conferences it has to draw from.  Watching church every Sunday from home should not be that hard to pull off.  I bet it would be a lot cheaper than building new chapels.  You could have virtual wards.  With virtual home & visiting teachers, virtual priesthood quorums and Sunday school classes.  You know there are some of you out there that already count face book time as your visiting teaching.  This would simply make it legal. 
Just think about fast and testimony meeting being held online.  You type in your testimony and upload it.  Someone could have the calling of editor and cut out all the crazy talk, drawn out stories, and false doctrine (kind of like this post) and just get down to the good stuff.  If it were on TV you could record it with TiVo and fast forward through the slow parts. 
I am just saying this would not be hard with the technology we have currently available to us.  However there does seem to be something inherently wrong with doing tithing settlement via email.

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