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The Fam
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Buying a camera can get stinky

When I was getting ready to go my mission I needed to buy a camera.  I did some research and the exact model I settled on actually was advertised on sale at the local K-Mart.  I did not want to miss this chance so I took my money and got there the morning the sale started.  I was working at Pietro’s Pizza and did not get home until after 1:00am as a general rule.  I was not out to impress anyone so when I went to the store I rolled out of bed and skipped the whole hygiene thing that morning.  I looked and most likely smelled pretty rough. 
There was this really rude women working the camera counter when I got there.  She was really short and did not want to help me. I know I looked bad but that is no reason to have poor customer service.  Through a series of questions i cornered her into helping me and she started showing me cameras.  This was before the days of having a model camera chained to the counter.  She had to hand me each camera one at a time. And wait for me to decide.  I had decided to buy the camera and then it happened A silent but deadly fart slipped out.  It made my eyes water, I almost said something.  I smelled it and I knew she smelled it to.  She was all of a sudden really motivated to get me to go away.  Being a person who does not get offended or embarrassed this was not a time to turn tail and run.  It was a time for payback.  She was really rude to me earlier, so  I made her stand there and show me 4-5 more cameras while I worked to muster additional pockets of gas.  The best part was after I had liquidated all of my reserves I went with the first camera she showed me.  Not my most charitable moment but definitely one I think fondly on. 

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  1. That made laugh so hard that I'm crying!!!!!!!!!


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