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The Fam
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Slide show from our wards Scouts and Young Women

I hve posted in the past that I have been active with the scouts and young women in our ward.  Over the years we have made a variety of slide show from the various activities.  They are fun to see especially if you were on the trip or know the kids.  For those of you who do not fall into this group...don't you wish you were as cool or lucky as us.  Its OK you have something to work towards.  But seriously these events were a really good time and tons of fun!

Our Ward has a very active year round girls camp program.  For one of my daughters 10 hour projects she made this slide show.  I think it is my favorite of the group.

2009 year in review

Compelation of Woodbadge courses that our leaders attended

2010 Summer Camps

2010 year in review

Spencer Judd's Eagle court of Honor slide show

Anker Peets Eagle court of honor slide show

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