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The Fam
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The MTC , For those of you who have been there you know what I am talking about

OK you can’t have a week of posts about gas and not mention the MTC.  If you are a person completely offended by this quit reading it or go on a mission and spend 3-9 weeks in the MTC.  The  MTC is one of the best experiences I have ever had.  But man do you get some serious gas.  All you do is sit in class 9 hours a day and eat in between each class.  I don’t know what they do our how it works but everybody and I mean everybody has gas.  It is a common experience to walkout of your class for your 15 minute break and find  other districts in the hall that have been gassed out by one of it members. We had one elder who would purposely go a day or two without a bowel movement so his farts would stink and we could get extra breaks in class.  This terminal case of gas cleared up a few days after we left the MTC but it was tough while you were there.  I remember once time Elder Claire let one go and we vacated the classroom.  We closed the door behind us and went on a walk.  We came back 10-15 minutes later opened the door and turned around and went for another walk.   We might have been Elders and ordained servants of God but we are all still 19 year old boys.

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