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Monday, September 19, 2011

Father and Son Campout is coming up again

For the last few years every October the men folk in my family have gotten together for a father son camping trip.  We generally go to Fort Flagler State Park.  Then the next day we go out to the County's gravel pit and go shooting.  Everything from had guns to high powered rifles.  I was looking for some photos where we went shooting in the snow last winter with my Sisters hopefully soon to be husband if gets the nerve up to ask and have been unsuccessful in finding them.  However I did find these pics from our trip last year.  I thought this would be a good motivation for those who missed it last year to join us this year.

Food always tastes better outside.  Especially when its hot and you are cold and hungry (funny how that works).  We had a great dinner and I was tasked with making dessert.  I was trying to convert my dad over to dutch oven cobblers.  He said he has never had a good one.  I made what was supposed to be a great cobbler except I reversed the oil and water in the recipe on accident.  Yes 2 cups of oil and 1/2 cup of water.  It was a goey nasty mess.  Dad still does not like cobblers.  However the breakfast burritoes rocked!

We also explored the bunkers left from World War 2.  These things are 200 yards long and 2 stories deep.  Great for games of sardines or capture the flag.

Mayson, Mathew and Harmon

Mayson is improving his gun handling skills.  I think a hunter safety course is going to be in his very near future.  It took about half the clip for him to get over his fear of the gun and be able to really start aiming and getting close to the target.  My Dad was a cop for many years and still completely smokes us all when it comes to shooting with the handguns.  However when it comes tot he Shotguns I can take him.

 Shooting was fun, those clay pigeons and milk jugs did not stand a chance.  I love watching the kids faces the first time they hit a milk jug filled with water with a high powered rifle.  The jug exploded raining water everywhere. After the first couple of rounds with someone helping them they usually take it on by themselves.  However Harmon is only good for about 4 shots total before he is done.

He likes the .22 rifle better than the big guns or the 9mm. 

Nolahn is a hoot to take shooting.  The first time he was 3 years old and sat in my lap the entire time.  We were using a bolt action .22.  He would open the bolt load the shell, sloe the bolt and pull the trigger.  Not a lot of aiming going on just a lot of noise.  However at 5 years old he is doing much better.  He still can't hold the gun up on his own unless he is in the prone position and sticks the butt under his arm.  But he can shoot and and is really quite good.  At 40 yards he can consistently hit a 4 inch target.

He likes to shoot the shotgun if he uses someone else's shoulder. 

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