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Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 1 of the 30 day blog challenge, Introduce your self

This is a picture of me and the wife taken last month after my 40th birthday party.  The party was almost as much fun as being married to Rhonda.

This 30 day blog challenge my sister Dedra has told to me do says I need to introduce myself.  I am going to work under the assumption you all can read and are smart enough to look up my previous posts and see the intro on the home page.  I also need to do 15 interesting facts about myself.

  1. I served my mission in the Philippines and apparently have gotten fat since then according to one of the sisters I served with who so kindly pointed it out on facebook over the weekend. 
  2. I have 5 kids and my 13 year old is almost as tall as me, not sure how or when that happened.  I am thinking it was while I was out of town a few weeks back.
  3. I travel a lot for work.  In the past 3 years I have been in 26 of the lower 48 state and two other countries (Canada and Mexico but they are still other countries)
  4. I think hamburgers are the perfect food.  They are so simple and can be amazing or can be screwed up and terrible.  I prefer the amazing kind.
  5. I don't like house pets of any kind, fish, birds, cats, dogs or any other creature that would require living in the same 4 walls I do.  I do however like animals you can eat that live outside and you are less concerned with if they die.
  6. My family and I are moving to Idaho on August 2nd this year.  We are totally excited.
  7. One year ago yesterday I got released as Bishop and called to the High Council.  My wife calls it the best Mothers Day ever.
  8. I like Boy Scouts a lot and am totally bummed I don't get to go on the high adventure activity this summer.  We had an incredible summer last year that had activities from climbing Mount Baker to caving in Northern California.  We have a really fun slide show that highlights our adventures on you tube.
  9. I like cooking fun foods (refer to comment 1 above).  I don't like the day to day cooking so much as Christmas candy, cheesecakes for birthdays, crab boils on the beach and smoking big pieces of meat.
  10. I am an Aries and I like long walks on the beach at sunset.  OK that's a lie.  I am an Aries but walking in sand is a lot of work and it gets cold at sunset.  I prefer to sleep in the beach in the sun bury my kids in the sand.
  11. I have very talented kids.  My daughter Regann earned her young women's medallion while she was a beehive and is currently working getting her 2nd one.  My son Mayson just turned 13 and will finish the last of his Eagle Scout requirements next week.  My son Harmon is one of the most genuine sincere people I have ever met.  He reads people and performs service they need with no thought to himself.  Payton my 9 year daughter decided to memorize all the articles of faith on her own.  She is on #8 now and comes to me every 5-6 weeks to pass off another one.  Nolahn our youngest is convinced he is going to marry his mother and is always telling me to quit kissing his wife.  OK that boy ain't right but there is one in every group.
  12. I can't speak Pig Latin and have a hard time understanding it.  Drove me crazy as a kid.
  13. I have moved (excluding my mission) 29 times in my life.  It's like I am dodging the law or owe a gangster money. When we move to Idaho later this year it will be the 30th time in my life I have had to pack up all my belongings and moved to another location. 
  14. The first thing I do every morning when I get to the office is read the daily Dilbert cartoon.  They guy who writes them really understands corporate America.
  15. I am a Mormon, with a conviction of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and try to live its principles every day (some days more successfully than others).
So there you have it a photo and 15 "interesting" facts about me.


  1. Nolahn is hilarious.

    I didn't know you can't speak pig latin. note to self. or rather, otenay ootay elfsay.

    heh heh

  2. I totally don't get pig lating either. I also agree with you on pets. I have enough things to train and clean up after with 4 children.


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