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The Fam
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 6: Favorite Movies

Movies are such wonderful wastes of time.  I have not seen many that I would say "by watching ____ I would consider myself a better person" or you know "Tony Stark's character in the Iron Man movies really inspired me to be a better person."  We love them none the less and know full well they are for no other purpose than mindless entertainment. 

I am like any other guy I need to be strapped down to the couch and have my eyelids taped open if you start breaking our Jane Austin or Downtown Abbey.  The English period dramas so don't work for me.  I have tried to be a good husband and sit and watch these with my wife as she translate emotional crying into some form of recognizable type of communication.  I do remember one scene where a guy broke his arm and the bone was hanging out and how everyone cried when he died from infection...and it went down hill from there.  Lots of tea parties, big hats and people talking in some sort of super secret code only women understand. 

Depending on what time of my life would determine what my favorite movies are.  When I was in high school (85-90) I had a bootleg copy of Top Gun and Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure on the same tape I would watch everyday.

As time moved on and my tastes broadened.  For several years if I was to sit down and watch a movie it would have been one of these two  Armageddon or Behind Enemy Lines:

After this I went through a Jason Bourne Phase.  I mean who doesn't like an assassin with obnesia?

I am reluctant to mention another movie that I do enjoy for fear of loosing my man card.  My wife did show me one version of Jane Austins Pride and Prejudice that was a lot of fun to watch.  It is the Bollywood version done with song and dance in India.  Here is one of my favorite scenes its called No life without wife.  Its like a bad high school stage productions:

My current favorite movie is the new Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol that came out earlier this year.  Rhonda and I saw it in the theater and it rocked. 

There they are the favorite movies of my life.

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