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Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 5: A song to match my mood

I really enjoy music and there are a few artists that I absolutely love to listen to and should probably repent for doing so.  Pink just rocks!  When I am at work and under the gun to finish something I close my office door and turn up her albums Fun House or I'm not dead and am able to focus and push through whatever needs done.  One of her songs I like most is "Trouble".

There are a couple of songs that simply sound better in a car.  You know when you are driving down the road with the sun roof and windows open.  The wind blowing in and you frankly don't care how long it takes you to get where ever you are going because the weather is perfect and the music thumps.  Three songs come to mind in this case.  The first is from when I was single.  I would turn it on when I was driving to fast on the highway.  It is by Erasure "I love to hate you" ( there might be a story about an ex-girl friend tide to this song but details are fuzzy)

In more recent years I really like the group Neon Trees.  I actually bought some of their songs before they hit it big.  Their song "Animal" is one I really like, however my wife can't stand it.

The last song I love to listen to when I drive is several years old from the one hit wonder OMC the song is How Bizarre.  When Rhonda and I were first married I was working two jobs.  I was a repo man for Rent-a-Center in the day and delivered pizzas at night (coolest jobs ever).  This song was really popular that summer and seemed to come on every night when I was driving home.  It always reminds me of a time when it was just the Wife and I and we were living in a one room apartment doing whatever we could to survive.

I do at this point of time need to mention one song that has been burned into my memory and will always be associated with driving.  Not me driving but a great friend of mine Robert Judd.  3 or 4 years ago we took a bunch of boys to Eastern Washington to canoe the Columbia river.  They made mixed CD with 12 songs on it and listened to it for 5 hours solid.  When ever Shake It by metro Station came on they asked to turn it up louder.  Robert was driving them and Dave Dickson and I were in my car next to them.  So I personally never experienced this wonderful bonding time with the young men.  However after we got there and were headed to the river I was in the truck with them and heard the song, determined it was anything but appropriate and wouldn't let them listen to it again the whole trip.  So here it is as a tribute to my old friend and his time with the young men.

One of my kids a couple of weeks ago asked if Rhonda and I had a song.  They were shocked when I said yes and actually had a copy of it on my ipod.  It came out when we were dating and never really was a very big hit but I love the song and the time of my life that it reminds me of.  It is off of Rod Stewart's, Spanner in the Works album the song is "This".

If I am at home and just want to sit in awe of somebody else's mad vocal skills I listen to Il Devo sing Amazing grace.  These guys have super powers when it comes to vocal chords.

Then when I want to count my blessing that it helps to put things into perspective.  I watch Antoine Dodson.  I wonder how this guy survived this long.  You have to watch these videos in order to understand what I am talking about.

 Here is his interview set to music.  Someone has skills.  No matter how many times I see this it still makes me laugh.

 It is perfectly normal at this point of time to scratch your head and stare in disbelief.

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