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The Fam
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 4: My first Car

I have not yet moved into the realm of world domination via blogging.  The only people I have been able to convince to read this are usually family or people from high school who wondered how I turned out, then they stick around out of pure curiosity about who I will offend next.  A few of these people might remember my first car.

MY first car I bought after my mission from my sister Heather because she bought it and did not know how to drive a stick.  It was a 1984 Mercury Topaz.  It was grey with a dent in the door.  I got into 4 accidents in it.  Or should I say it got into 4 accidents while I owned it:
  1. I hit a stop sign with it while speeding on some back roads in Silverdale. Dedra was with me and it was her first accident I believe. The funny thing is that a few minutes before that someone else swerved to miss the sign and they were in the ditch waiting for the tow truck when I hit the sign.
  2. My mom borrowed it and went to get me lunch while I was working at the Silverdale Hotel. She did not put the break on and it rolled backwards and hit a parked car.
  3. I left it parked in my Uncle Steve's driveway and my cousin Shad backed into it and smashed a fender.
  4. I went out shooting with some friends and came around a corner to a stopped vehicle and had to slam on the breaks to stop. I managed to stop in time however a women by the name of Kashamay Kolagowski did not and she rear ended me. The force of her car hitting mine pushed us off the road and we rolled down the hill. It was a weird feeling sitting there upside down strapped in by a seat belt. I took the insurance money and bought a mustang.
Here is a photo I down loaded off line of the muercury.  Same body type but different color.

The car that I drove in high school was my parents and it was big, ugly and got terrible gas mileage.  It was a 1977 ford LTD 4 door.  It was probably a nice car when it was new, but not so much in the in the early 1990's. 

This is an image I found online of the car.  Mine was a darker green and uglier.  This car could comfortably sit 4 adults in the font seat and back seat.  One time we were going back to my house for a party after a football game and I fit 13 people in it.  I would only put 3 dollars of gas into it at a time because if there was more than that someone else would drive it out.  With the driving I had to do back and forth to work and school at the time that would usually last me about 3-4 days.

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