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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 3: My first Love

This is one of those topics that has so many loaded stories that I am not sure I want to tell them.  I had an active social life from the time I was 17 when I discovered girls were just as afraid of boys as we were of girls, (this changed my life).  I dated a lot and most of the time it was just for fun with no real relationship beyond simple friendship.  However I am aware that several of the ladies I dated in that period of time do now read this blog an awkward would be an understatement if I went the wrong direction.  So I am going to take the high road...mostly:

My first and only love is my perfect for me wife Rhonda.  Pretty much no one else matters before or since her. 

In order for me to get to point I did have some trial and error.  In my life I have kissed 9 girls including my wife (its really a select group, I hear they have matching t-shirts).  I have been on dates with 74 different girls (and yes I did keep track, I had a goal in mind but that's another blog post). 

The first girl I kissed was Jennifer James on the playground in the 2nd grade.  It was her idea.  Even at that tender young age I apparently had some form of raw animal magnetism that members of the opposite sex could not resist.  Either that or she just felt bad for me.   

The first girl I ever went on a date with was Carrie Fergus less than a week after my 16th birthday.  She was 17 and I was awesome for dating an older girl. I just realized that I actually wrote a blog post about this date in detail.  After reading it all the goofyness of that first experience came flooding back.

The only girl I ever dated whose pet I participated in accidently killing was Elizabeth Nuttle.  You can read the details of that sorted affair on an earlier post as well.
The first girl I truly had deep feeling for was Layna Endecott I was 17 and thought she was totally hot.  (17 years old boys are really shallow)

The last girl I went out with before my mission was Viki Thatcher and her little sister I cant remember her name she was like 9 years old we had to have a chaperon.  Lots of fun we went to the Never Ending Story 2.

The first girl I dated when I came home from my mission was Karin Peeples.  We went to Jurassic Park. 

The first girl I seriously thought I wanted to marry was Tania Prior.  I am glad I dodged that bullet.

I knew within 10 minutes of meeting my wife we were going to get married.  In fact we were engaged in less than 10 days and married 6 months later.  16 year and 5 kids later it was a good call. 

Just a quick side note:  If we did date and I did not mention you here it was because with the exception of Jennifer James I tried to only mention people I don't believe read my blog.  I thought to do so might be awkward for some.


  1. This post could have been so much more ;0 As the friend of a couple of people not mentioned, I would have found it funny! Oh, and I look forward to reading your day 22 post.

  2. And here I thought you might go somewhere else with this one... have fun with this blog challenge, I meant to keep up with it and got Garen into it a few months ago... but I kinda drifted. Maybe I'll start again.


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