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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 2: The meaning behind my blogs name

I was once told there are no stupid questions.  In some settings this is true in others it is not.  I am genuinely trying to be a more positive person and not be so quick to judge dumb people.  OK today is not a good day.  But when  I looked up my assignment for the 30 day blog post it kind of made me think "Really?  I need to explain that?"  But I am a good sport so I will do so now:

The name of my blog is Ramblings of and LDS Dad.  I chose this because "Ryan's Words of Brilliance" was already taken.  And it seemed a bit pretentious. 

So here goes:

[ram-bling]   adjective
1. aimlessly wandering.
2.  taking an irregular course; straggling: a rambling brook.
3.  spread out irregularly in various directions: a rambling mansion.
4.  straying from one subject to another; desultory: a rambling novel.
I like number 4 the best. My thoughts are not going to be about anything in particular just whatever I want to talk about so I did not want to pigeon hole myself into a specific topic.
of and: This is a directional marker pointing at who is doing the rambling.  My wife is going to correct my English and tell me "of" is really a preposition (Mrs. Ward from the 5th grade would be so proud I remembered that) and "and" is a conjunction.  But I like directional marker better because those of us who did not pay attention in English still know what I am talking about.
LDS: Abbreviation for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  This is my church and we often refer to ourselves as LDS or members of the LDS church or Mormon.  This is a perfect time for a Mormon joke.  What do you get when you cross LDS and LSD?  A high priest.
Dad: Someone of the male persuasion with kids.  I have some of these and they on a daily basis refer to me as Dad, I am also of the male persuasion.  So by almost any standard this would apply.
There you have it a more than you wanted, longer than needed explanation of why I call my blog "Ramblings of an LDS Dad".  However I am always open to new ideas if you have something that would work better let me know. 

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  1. check it out. it's awesome.


If you have been inspired by the words of brilliance or the creative spelling let me know and leave a comment, that is when it gets fun for us writing this thing is getting your feedback.