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The Fam
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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day 10: A song by your favorite band

This one is harder than I thought it would be.  I have different favorite bands or performers depending on what stage of my life I am thinking about.  In high school my albums of choice were Poison's "Look what the Cat dragged in", Van Halen's "5150" or Def Leopards "Hysteria".  Later after my mission I went through an Erasure phase and when I met my wife it started the country music portion of my life.  Since then I have moved through Rascal Flats, Matchbox 20 and right now my favorite artist by far is Pink.  But I think the song that best sums me up was a band that had amazing vocal abilities however they could not dance to save their lives.  They tried and tried but that was not their strength.  Their strength were amazing dance beats and an incredible new sound that won them a grammy for new artist of the year.  I loved them so much this was the very first CD I bought in December 1989.  After I bought the album it came out they actually did not really sing their own music.  So my favorite band in that period of my life could not sing or dance.  Yes you guessed it I am speaking about Milli Vanilli.

I am including two videos from this time in my life.  One of Milli Vanilli performing their #1 hit "Baby don't forget my number".  After I selected this song I watched the video and I was honestly shocked at how bad it was.  I am talking Junior High drama club with no practice bad.  It was embarrassing to watch and even more embarrassing to admit that I once liked it.  Even all those years ago I remember thinking this is really not that polished.  I have also included a comedy skit from the TV show "In living Color" mocking Milli Vanilli and their dance skills or lack there of.

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