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Friday, February 7, 2014

The ward splitting aftermath

Well the wards got split and there was more than one surprise.  Two new wards were created and now that I think about it, it was poinient that it fell on Superbowl Sunday.  The one game a year most people watch and everyone has an opinion on what should have happened.  It was a lot like church on Sunday, everyone had an opinion on what should have happened and their opinion in most cases would have directly affected themselves.  Let me give you a few examples of border line comical comments that were heard:

  • "I better get my old calling back in my new ward or I am going to be really mad".  OK lets think about this.  Callings are meant to help you grow and learn.  They are given to us from inspired leaders.  Exactly who will you be mad and why?   The Bishop of course because he gets the revelation thing right for everyone except you.  He should really ask you what is the best way to run the ward too.  If he is wrong on your calling I wonder what other things he is missing?

  • What does a Seattle fan do when the Superbowl is over?  Stick around and watch the 2nd half of course.

  • "What they should have done is put the boundary on the other side of my street so I would  be in the same ward as the ________ family.  That would have worked better for everyone."  Did it ever cross your mind that maybe the boundary was put where it was so that you would not be in the other ward.  Its way better for everyone over there especially the _______ family.

  • Someone should let Denver know the Superbowl was Sunday we don't want them to forget to show up...oh wait.

  • "I am surprised the Brother_______ was not made a Bishop.  He would have been a much better choice".  The funny thing about leadership is that there are only so many spots.  It is a mathematical impossibility for every able person to be the Bishop or Relief Society President.  We can be disappointed by this or breath a sigh of relief.  The same thing holds true to nursery leader, scout master or ward mission leader.  Those are some duck and cover callings that you run when you see coming.  However they all prepare us for something different.  And frankly anybody who aspires to a stake or "high" ward calling it is my prayer they get it.  The fun should end right after the first high council or ward council meeting. 

  • Did you hear they had a football game at the Bruno Mars concert last week?

  • "Well I will just go to my old ward instead.  I know all the people and it is much better for me".  WOW this one is my favorite.  Lets think this through.  Our Stake presidency spent over a year on these changes, sent them to be approved by the first presidency (I heard one or two of them are prophets or something like that) then spent countless hours after that calling and planning new leaders.  During which time many of the stake members probably came up at least once or twice by name.  Not to mention your old Bishop was doing the happy dance when he saw what side of the line your house fell on.  So after all of that your going to go back?  Then claim (this part comes in a few weeks) that your changing back to your old ward is inspired.  OK because none of that went on until now I guess.

  • "If they try and release me I won't let them".  OK let me know how that works out.  OH wait the Stake president did it already.  Coolest thing ever.  He stood at the pulpit and said if your ward boundary has changed you are released.  Not a lot of room to ask questions in that particular interview.  I was smiling inside when he said it because it made me think of the person who said the earlier comment.  My wife would not let me go to them and ask a follow up about how keeping their calling was going.
These may come across as cynical or a bit callous and to be honest they probably should.  Change is a huge part of life.  I still hear people talking about the old 2nd ward split that happened 8 years ago like there is something that should be done now.  Well something has been done.  The church is growing and new units have been created.  Has anyone looked at a map or a calendar and figured out if we keep growing like this in 3-5 years there is a strong possibility of 2 Middleton Stakes?  Now that will twist a lot of knickers. Nothing but good times for those of us who like change and enjoy watching others get spun up about things they have absolutely no control over.  I will just pop a batch of popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show.


  1. Don't forget to post updates when you and your wife get your callings. THAT is the fun part! Good luck, Bishop! Tee hee hee.

  2. I wish we were still there to see it all go down! You're right, anyone who desires a leadership calling should get it for at least 6 months...and it should start with a 2am emergency or during some important family event. Whatever your calling is is the most important least it should be to you!

  3. I did keep my calling so START INDEXING!

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