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The Fam
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 7: A song that reminds you of the past summer

I am going to go back a few years for this one.  When Rhonda and I were first married we lived in Silverdale WA and I commuted to work to Tacoma WA.  It was about a 40 mile drive.  We needed to save money to move to Georgia, so I had to take a 2nd job.  I ended up delivering pizzas for Pizza Hut in Tacoma.  It was one of the most fun jobs I have ever had.  I got to buzz around the hood in my little Honda CRX slinging pizzas at all the gang bangers.  I worked in the hilltop area and for those of you not familiar with Tacoma when you hear about a drive by shooting or violent crime it is most likely in hilltop.  I got off work at my day job about 6:00pm and worked until midnight at The Hut. We were not allowed to deliver to a big chunk of the area after dark as a precaution to prevent us from getting robbed.    In Puget Sound during the summer and the sun stays out until about 10:00.  It is also a really well kept secret the weather in Seattle in the summer is fabulous.  I would drive around dodging bullets, hiding from drug dealers trying not to get car jacked all in 30 minutes or less to insure your pizza was hot and fresh.

I remember one song in particular that the radio station seemed to play every 20 minutes. It just seemed to ooze summer time fun like stuffed crust oozes cheese.  I would drive down 6th avenue with my arm out the window trying not to make eye contact with anyone just jamming to the radio.

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