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The Fam
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 8: A song that reminds you of your first love

It was the 2nd grade in Mrs. Williams class at Meridian Primary School,  Jenny James and I would go to lunch and them play together at recess, she even kissed me on the merry go round...I was a player.  We were like two ships passing in the night.  Only we also went to church together and our families went to dinner together what seemed like every week.  We were less like ships passing in the night and more like trains on the same track being told where to go by our parents.

I would go over to her house and she had this big poster of Sean Cassidy in her bedroom.  There was an ongoing argument who was better Sean Cassidy or Elvis Presley.  I would say he is the King of Rock and the rebuttal would be Sean Cassidy is the Prince of Rock.  Well a king is higher than a prince therefor I win.  Elvis Presley is dead, Sean Cassidy is going to be way bigger than he ever was.  It has been 34 years I think Elvis might have won that particular contest.  I did not realize it until I started writing this post that Sean Cassidy actually sang disco so he was never the prince of anything except for maybe bell bottom pants and platform shoes. There was one song that she played over and over and it was not even his song he sampled it from the all girl group The Crystals.  Here it is in all its mirrored ball, satin pants and feathered hair glory.  Is it me or does this dude look a lot like Justin Bieber.


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