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The Fam
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 6: A song that reminds you of your best friend

Just for the record my wife is my best friend.  There are a couple of blog post to come that will cover her and music.  So I am dedicating this song to my guy friends.  I have been blessed with many great friends in my life time.  But when I think of friends and it comes to music there are two songs that automatically come to mind.  I am not sure why these two or so deeply ingrained but here they are.

Ryan Brunson and I served our missions together in Philippines.  We lived in a house in Sa Pang Palay Bulacan.  It was a really big house that doubled as the chapel for the branch we had the privilege to open for the church.  It was an awesome experience.  The first Sunday there we had 8 members 4 of whom were missionaries.  Two months later we had close to 80 people attending every week.  The music was played by a member who brought his guitar.  He played along to the hymns while the members sang.  After the block Ryan picked up his guitar and started to play a rift that only I recognized.  I came out from the other side of the house and asked who was playing the music.  He said it was him, I didn't know he played the guitar until that moment in time and I asked him to play it again.  He did and that song will forever be ingrained in my mind as an almost church song...almost. 

You have to remember when we went our our missions Hair Metal was still really big and I really liked it.  There were some real signs of withdrawal I had to work through.

Robert Judd  performed a classic Johnny Cash song "Ring of Fire" with his family at a ward talent show 4 years ago.  I recorded it for posterity and all of his co-workers. In all that time it has only received  176 views not exactly going viral but it is still fun to watch.


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